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Partially In-ground: 5 Endless Pools Ideas for Your Home

The Original Endless Pool® gives you tremendous installation flexibility. Choosing a partially in-ground installation offers some key advantages, as you'll see in these five dazzling installations!

The Week in Swimming 2/23/2018

Red umbrellas, the Swim for Nick foundation, and more inspiration from the week's swimming news!

The Week in Swimming 2/16/2018

Olympic swimmer James Magnussen sees a double standard at the Winter Olympics, plus pain relief from cold water swimming and mermaid rights activists.

Water Exercise at Home for Spondylitis

If you experience inflammation, chronic pain or discomfort due to Spondylitis, regular water exercise can help. Maintaining proper posture and flexibility is much easier thanks to the healing powers of water. In water you'll support a mere fraction of your body weight while completing exercises difficult or impossible on land. ...

Bedridden for 21 Years, She Found Relief in the Water

This spring, Lynn A. changed her life. For years, she’s suffered from a rare nervous system disorder. Since installing her Endless Pools WaterWell therapy pool, she's quickly improved her quality of life. Read why Lynn says that the WaterWell "has saved my life."

Water Exercise for Osteoarthritis

If you experience restricted movement and joint pain due to Osteoarthritis, regular water exercise at home can help. In the buoyant, near weightless environment of water you'll be able to perform exercises not possible on land. You'll strengthen muscles and improve overall physical fitness without the jarring on muscles and ...

Aquatic Exercise & Therapy for Parkinson's

Convenient water exercise and therapy at home are perfect for battling the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. With regular water exercise in an Endless Pool you'll build muscle strength, endurance and enhance flexibility. Empower yourself and fight the degenerative symptoms of Parkinson's and improve your personal outlook and mood. With daily ...

Post-Stroke Recovery Using Aquatic Therapy

If you're recovering from a stroke, Physical & Occupational Therapists agree, Aquatic Therapy is ideal for regaining balance and muscle control. In the buoyancy of water you'll drastically improve both your physical and mental well-being. Now in the privacy & convenience of your own home you can perform aquatic exercises ...

Bone Disease Rx: An Endless Pool & a Positive Attitude

Ken Gudek's bright and appreciative outlook didn’t come without obstacles. He was born with a brittle-bone disease and suffered over 50 fractures by age 23. According to Ken, "If I didn’t have the Endless Pool to build up my muscles and stamina, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk."

Convenient Water Therapy at Home for Neuromuscular Disorders

If you have a neuromuscular disorder like MS, MD or SMA, you may benefit from regular aquatic exercise in the privacy and convenience of your own home. With an Endless Pool, compact home installation makes it convenient to swim and perform non-impact body strengthening exercises year-round. Water exercise allows you ...

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