Water Exercise at Home for Spondylitis

Spondylitis is a condition that can come in many forms and affect people very differently. A form of arthritis, spondylitis always involves inflammation of joints, tendons, and more. From the hands and feet to the entire spine, spondylitis can be debilitating to those who have it. Though this diagnosis often means movement is very painful, doctors recommending remaining active as one of the best treatments. 

If you experience inflammation, chronic pain or discomfort due to spondylitis, regular water exercise can help, oftentimes more than exercise on land. Maintaining proper posture and flexibility is much easier thanks to the healing powers of water. In water you'll support a mere fraction of your body weight while completing exercises difficult or impossible on land. 

Water decreases the impact of movement on joints and tendons, while the added resistance of the water helps to strengthen them. With this combination, many spondylitis sufferers feel a difference in both body and mental well-being within a matter of days of regular use. 

Effective water exercises can range from swimming to simple bending and stretching routines. The Endless Pool lets users swim in place with the option of using the Underwater Treadmill or Aquabike. With these varied options for aquatic therapy, you can find the most effective form of hydrotherapy in a fun and easy way.  

Watsu - a form of hydrotherapy - can be helpful for a plethora of conditions, including spondylitis.

Not only will aquatic therapy help with the symptoms of spondylitis, but it will help to improve circulation, strengthen muscles, and increase overall fitness. In some cases, regular use of a therapy pool, such as the Endless Pools WaterWell, have delayed or negated the need for otherwise necessary surgeries.

Imagine, your own private swimming pool, installed just steps away, set the temperature you desire; no traveling, no dirty gyms. All our pools fit in new or existing spaces, through doorways, downstairs, including basements & garages. Endless Pools are the synthesis of privacy and convenience!

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