Partially In-ground: 5 Endless Pools Ideas for Your Home

For ease, access, and aesthetics, plan a partially in-ground pool.

The Endless Pools® Original model gives you tremendous installation flexibility. The modular, steel-panel structure functions as a freestanding or a fully inground swimming pool. You can also install any Endless Pools model partially in-ground, which offers some key advantages, as you'll see in these five dazzling installations!

     How do you create a Mediterranean escape in suburban Charlotte, North Carolina? For this sunroom, the homeowners employ a lavish mural, rich green tones from the ferns and tile, and a partially in-ground Original Endless Pool.
    Bonus: This Endless Pool features our hydrotherapy jets for additional spa luxury.
    1. A partially in-ground pool is the easiest to access. With the pool height set around seat level, you can just sit and move your legs over and into the pool. You don't need the exterior stairs or decking required by an aboveground pool, and people with mobility impairments appreciate the accessibility lacking in fully in-ground pools.
    2. Partially in-ground installations cost less than fully in-ground. The deeper you dig, the greater the cost and the greater the risk of obstacles. Yes, aboveground installations cost the least, but the partially in-ground Endless Pool meets you halfway between simplicity and luxury.
    3. For a better, more polished look, the partially in-ground Endless Pool can give you the most eye-catching visual. In locations with a notable view, the lower height permits better sight lines.

    These five Endless Pools show the versatility and beauty possible with a partially in-ground installation.

     Nothing beats a pool with a view! The height of this partially in-ground Endless Pool maintains the room's airy minimalism – rather than obstructing the stunning arbor view, it's positioned to function as a reflecting pond for the trees outside.
    Bonus: At the pool's front, the Underwater Treadmill permits low-impact running or walking while watching the (tastefully recessed) television.
     This partially in-ground Endless Pool keeps open sight lines in a tight backyard. With our smooth current for in-place swimming, you get a big-pool feel where a big pool just couldn't fit! The granite perimeter functions as bench seating, while the skirting adds an organic design element – rough-hewn stacked stone.
    Bonus: The greenery nearby will welcome any splashing: our state-of-the-art purification systems mean that the pool water has less chlorine than is allowable in tap water!
     How can you swim at home when space is tight? We sized this Endless Pool to fit tidily into a narrow spare room. The ceiling height all but demanded a partially in-ground installation. (Can you imagine this room with a pool standing 3' taller!?) When swimming or aquatic therapy is a priority, the customizable Endless Pool can turn dreams into reality.

    Imagine emerging from a warm-water swim to see snow outside! The sight lines permitted by this partially in-ground Endless Pool preserve the natural light from the bank of windows.

    Bonus: Thanks to the Endless Pool's smooth swim-in-place current, you can enjoy an uninterrupted swimming rhythm. But as you see in this video, you can still enjoy a mid-pool flip turn!

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