Post-Stroke Recovery Using Aquatic Therapy

If you're recovering from a stroke, Physical & Occupational Therapists agree, Aquatic Therapy is ideal for regaining balance and muscle control. In the buoyancy of water you'll drastically improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Now in the privacy & convenience of your own home you can perform aquatic exercises difficult in land based therapy. Because water eliminates the effects of gravity on the body, stress on muscles and joints are greatly reduced. As a result, you can stretch and strengthen weakened arms and legs and re-gain full range of motion. With regular aquatic therapy you'll:

  • Restore normal movement patterns
  • Regain balance and coordination without fear of falling
  • Introduce muscular re-education of the hemiplegic side
  • Improve stability through weight bearing activities
  • Reduce the negative effects of spasticity and poor posture
  • Correct problems in gait through water resistance
  • Endless Pools carries a full line of swimming pools for all budgets and locations.
Aquatic Therapy
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