Bedridden for 21 Years, She Found Relief in the Water

This spring, Lynn A. changed her life. For years, she’s suffered from dysautonomia, an umbrella term for a range of conditions afflicting the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Your ANS controls ‘automatic’ bodily functions, including your heart rate, temperature control, kidney function, and blood pressure. Dysautonomia can be dangerous and even fatal.

So what changed this spring? Lynn installed an Endless Pools WaterWell®, our modular therapy pool for temperature-controlled aquatic therapy. With the convenience of having her WaterWell in her Auburn, AL, home, she has quickly improved her quality of life. She recounts her transformation in this letter to her Endless Pools Product Specialist.

“Hi Kim, this is Lynn A. We finally got the room built over the pool and I have been in it 10 times so far. You won't believe what I am going to tell you. I have been homebound and bedridden and unable to sit up without passing out for 21 years. I was chained in this body suffering from an Autonomic Nervous System Failure. So when I stand my blood pressure drops and I pass out.

“The first time in my Endless Pool, I could stand up and walk. I was told by my doctor that I wouldn't be able to stand for longer than a few minutes for several months. Not only is my physical condition bad all of my muscles are weak from inactivity.

“Kim, when I stood standing up and walking in that pool, I felt touched by God. I had a feeling like I had never felt. It was amazing! I stood there thinking, ‘What is this I am feeling?’ I wasn't dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated or anything. I FELT GOOD! I began to weep in the pool. ... I finally felt free. Free from the chains I have been bound in this body that couldn't move without getting sick. Then I felt a warmth, and the room brightened. I felt healed emotionally that day free in my pool.

“Kim, the second time in the pool ... It was a true miracle. WOW! I danced to "You Raise Me Up." Because God and Endless Pools have certainly raised me up from 21 years of being homebound, bedridden and recliner-bound. Kim, I feel so good in the pool.

“Words cannot express what Endless Pools WaterWell has done for me. It has saved my life and now it is touching the lives of my many followers who are sick and suffering too.

“I have been able to get in it now 10 times, and yesterday for the first time ever I was able to stand and hold my 21-month-old precious granddaughter, Sophia. We are celebrating over here.

“Love and thank you, Endless Pools, for changing my life, for saving my life.”

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