Water Exercise for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease of the joints that causes the cartilage between the joints and the bone to slowly break down. This can cause irreversible damage to the joints, resulting oftentimes in pain and limited movement. 

According to the Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project, the lifetime risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knee is 46%, and there is a 25% chance of getting OA of the hip. Though there currently is no way to reverse the effects of osteoarthritis, there are many ways to reduce pain and increase movement ability. 

Regular exercise is an important part of OA treatment, but movement on land can be painful and difficult. However, regular exercise in water is an encouraged alternative. In the buoyant, near weightless environment of water, OA sufferers can be able to perform exercises not possible on land. You'll strengthen muscles and improve overall physical fitness without the jarring on muscles and joints. 

Water exercise in an Endless Pool doesn’t only mean swimming – users can walk or run on our Underwater Treadmill, cycle on an Aquabike, or perform an array of hydrotherapy techniques. For someone effected with osteoarthritis of the knee, a simple routine of bending and stretching the knee in water could be an effective treatment option. 

Not only can hydrotherapy lessen the effects of osteoarthritis, but it will improve overall cardiovascular fitness, circulation, and mobility. Regular use of a therapy pool, such as the Endless Pools WaterWell, may even delay or prevent the need of otherwise necessary surgeries.

Donna and James have friends over weekly to practice Tai Chi in their Endless Pool
to combat their arthritis symptoms.

Imagine, your own private swimming pool, installed just steps away, set the temperature you desire; no traveling, no dirty gyms. All our pools fit in new or existing spaces, through doorways, downstairs, including basements & garages. Endless Pools are the synthesis of privacy and convenience!

"It helps tremendously, particularly with mobility of your extremities...it's the best thing we’ve ever done." -

Judithe S., Endless Pools Customer

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