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6 Potent "Cocktail Pools" that'll Leave You Buzzed

Swank, compact, and clever, cocktail pools have taken off among homeowners who know that less can be more! Get inspired by these 6 smart cocktail pools, all distinguished by the Endless Pools swim current!

Hot Home Trend: 7 Snazzy Spools (Spa+Pool)

Home trends come and go. For its simplicity, utility, and budget-friendliness, the "spool" (a spa/pool combo) may be here to stay. These 7 spools are stylish and, with the Endless Pools swim current, fully functional!

Before & After the Kukals Got an Endless Pool

“The greatest thing we’ve ever done” – that’s Joe Kukal’s assessment of the 15’ Endless Pools® Swim Spa that he and his wife, Pat, installed in their all-season patio room last January. To put that gushing praise into context, you need to understand a little about the Kukals’ recent past. ...

From Tri Training to Mental Health, this Family Pool Gets a Workout!

"We're basically all using the pool," says Melissa Kinmartin with a laugh. A triathlete and a fitness coach, she's an unsurprising fan of Endless Pools®. With her husband and three kids all dipping in regularly too, their High Performance model doubles as the family pool!

Fully In-ground: 6 Endless Pools with a Serious Wow Factor

The Original Endless Pool® lets you enjoy incredible freedom with your installation options. For the most sensational results, many owners of our signature modular pool opt for a fully in-ground installation. With these six striking photos, it's easy to see why! Of course, the most cost-efficient and hassle-free installation remains ...

Couple's dream spa highlighted by a basement Endless Pool

Mary Goetze, a retired music professor from Indiana, decided she was tired of dealing with the crowds at the local YMCA. It was time for her to swim at home. Goetze, along with her husband contact Endless Pools and hatched a plan for a home basement spa, complete with yoga ...

Sunday Gazette: Lap pools fit into compact space, offer health benefits of swimming

Contrary to conventional wisdom, sometimes going against the current can be good for you -- downright healthy, in fact. Just ask owners of lap pools. We've all seen those ads for them in the back of such publications as the New York Times Sunday Magazine or The New Yorker. Essentially, ...

The Simple Life: Eileen Fisher - My House, Myself

It's the kind of house that makes you feel as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. Maybe that's because of the mesmerizing view of the Hudson River, which draws you in as soon as you cross the threshold. Or perhaps it's the pale, utterly unadorned walls or the ...

This Basement Pool Changed Her Life

Imagine this: Linda Bain of De Pere goes to Florida in the midst of a cold Wisconsin winter and ends up missing her pool. Bain explains this strange scenario by offering a tour of their Endless Pools exercise pool, now the focal point of her basement. She and her husband, ...

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