Year-Round Pools

If you want a pool that you can use 365 days a year, keep these factors in mind!

Pools aren’t just made for the summer months anymore. You should think about investing in a year-round pool.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a pool, it’s possible that one of your reservations is the concern that you can only use it for a few months out of the year. Well, as it turns out, there are options available to you for year-round pools; you just have to know where to look!

This pool is perfect for pumpkin season! Even when the trees are losing their leaves, Mike and Kelli can use their Original pool for fitness and fun. With an energy-efficient heater standard, this Endless Pools model can definitely be used all year round.

There are several factors that go into making pools perfect for use all year long, and Endless Pools® gives you the option to do just that.

Controlled Temperature

First and foremost, you can make sure that temperature control is a feature in your pool. If you can change the temperature of the water whenever you want, then the time of year that you’re using the pool doesn’t matter!

With a year-round pool, you should be able to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter – whatever you want!

Endless Pools offers a remote pool monitoring system in all our Original Series pools. This system will allow you to fully control the temperature, lights, and jets of your pool from any mobile device. This way you can change your pool temperature to suit your liking before you take a dip, and it’s also very easy to adjust.

A year-round pool won't just be great for you, but also for the rest of your family! After being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Mark uses his X500 swim spa all year long for aquatic therapy. His grandkids get just as much use out of it as he does!

When it comes to our Swim Spas, you can choose to add the CoolZone® Cooling System to ensure the temperature of your year-round pool suits you no matter which swim spa you buy.

Indoor Pools

Part of what makes our pools so great is that they aren’t exclusively for outside in your backyard.

Our Original Series, WaterWell®, and Streamline® pools can all be assembled indoors or outdoors; our swim spas can be placed indoors in new construction or through doors wider than 89 inches. Our pools are generally compact, but they’re also customizable, and our swim spas come in a range of sizes, you can be sure they’ll fit your indoor space.

Between the ability to control the temperature of your pool and the heating of your house, you won’t have to worry about your pool being too cold or too hot if it’s inside.

Plus, weather will no longer be something that affects your ability to swim! Even if it’s snowing outside, you can still swim in your indoor, year-round pool.

This cabin provides the perfect place for triathletes to train all year round. Plus, while they're swimming against our signature current in this Performance pool, they can look at a great forest view, whether it's sunny or snowing!

You also won’t have to deal with leaves, bugs, or any other kind of outdoor debris that might fall in your pool. This will make your pool easier to clean, and less cleaning is a great thing when it comes to keeping a pool open year-round.

Our pools also have the option for secure pool covers that provide humidity control. Sealing up your pool when you’re not using it will ensure minimal loss of water into your pool room.

Our Pools

With Endless Pools, you can customize any of our existing pools so that it fits all your needs, whether that be in temperature control, location, or any other features.

Any of our models could make a great year-round pool. The Streamline pool is our most compact and affordable swimming pool with easy maintenance and temperature control— perfect for all seasons.

With the temperature-controlled water in his Original pool, Ronald and his wife can both swim even when it's snowing outside! He still likes to wear a wetsuit, though, since Long Island winters can get windy!

The WaterWell pool is just as versatile and comes without the adjustable current. It’s perfect for families, but also for year-round exercise and therapy. A pool that’s flexible to fit your needs is just what you want in a year-round pool!

But no matter what you decide, the important thing is that you find the perfect pool for you! After all, a year-round pool means you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it.

So, choose what you think you’ll use the most and enjoy the benefits of a pool in winter as well as summer!

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