Karol’s 3-Minute Streamline® Pool Assembly (Video)

She chose the Streamline pool for installation flexibility and a smooth swim

A lot of factors go into choosing a pool. For Karol, the final decision came down to fit. The compact Streamline pool by Endless Pools® lets you swim in place with a pool footprint of about 14 feet by six feet! “By pure coincidence, we had an [available] area,” she says. “I measured it, and the pool would fit perfectly. Everything happened to be perfect for this pool.”

In this time-lapse video, you can see her pool builders at work. Working with the Endless Pools dealers in Costa Rica, she created an indoor pool corner that fit her home like a glove!

The Streamline Swim Experience

Before selecting the Streamline pool, Karol took a test-swim in a conventional jetted swim spa. The swim current, in her assessment, “couldn’t even compare to the Streamline [current]. All the bubbles! It was a pretty bad experience, to be honest.”

Of her experience swimming in the Streamline pool, she says, “It’s really, really good. You have no bubbles. It’s perfectly clear.” Every day now, she gets in her Streamline pool, and “I do freestyle and then just flip on my back and do some legwork – just paddling and kicking.”

She acknowledges that she preferred the Endless Pools Original pool, which has our signature propeller-generated current. For her budget, though, “it was a little too pricy.” Fortunately, the all-in-one Streamline pool comes fully finished for one low price. “So everything happened to be perfect for this pool,” she now assesses.

When Karol needed a therapy pool, she had some specific requirements. It had to suit her tight indoor space, her budget, and her demanding requirements for a smooth swim. She found everything she needed in the Streamline pool. "We are really happy with the pool," she now says.

Daily Aquatic Therapy

“I’ve been diagnosed with a cervical problem,” Karol acknowledges. “Some of my bones are not in the best shape. The neurological doctor recommended [that I] swim every day.”

Her symptoms first appeared when she was a student. “I’m an architect. I work a lot with my hands. I noticed, especially when I was finishing school, that I had a lot of pain in my shoulder all the way to my hand.” Initially, she thought it was a normal repercussion of her job and only needed basic self-care. “Stretching, massage – that helped” … at least initially.

In 2019, she visited a neurologist for a foot problem. “He thought I may have an issue with my neck. That pain I’ve been having for years was maybe something bigger.”

By coincidence, “This doctor happens to have the same issue himself. And he happens to have an Endless Pools [model]. He is more focused on exercise. He recommends you swim and exercise to build the muscles that hold the neck in place.”

For Karol, the doctor “recommends [that I] swim one hour every day. I feel more release. I saw the doctor at the beginning of this year, and he said my problem isn’t going to really change, but these muscles will help” if they can better support the weight.

Her aquatic therapy plan now is “swimming, and after I swim, I get 10 minutes of just relaxing in the water. That helps.”

Karol installed her Streamline pool under skylights. Locations like this, or a sunroom, offer year-round, all-weather access while still letting the sun shine in for a warm, nostalgic pool experience.

A Home Pool for Family Fitness

Like many people, Karol’s swimming had been limited by her access to a pool. “I swam when I was young in high school,” she recalls, “but it’s not the easiest to access a pool, so I stopped swimming.

“My husband exercises a lot. He wasn’t really a swimmer, but now he’s enjoying the pool a lot,” she says. He’s made swimming’s total-body workout a regular feature of his fitness routine.

He also handles pool maintenance for them. She reports that he finds the Streamline pool maintenance “easy. It’s not a big deal.”

“We are really happy with the pool,” she sums up. “I think it’s a great product for people that have issues like me. It works great.”

And as for the installation process compared to a traditional in-ground pool? “It’s relatively easy compared to making a hole in the ground,” she says.

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