More from the 2020 Endless Pools® Photo Contest

These 5 runners-up show the versatility of our pools and spas.

We've already shared the top five winning photographs in our Endless Summer Photo Contest, sponsored by And still there are excellent pool photos to share!

We asked our customers for family photos featuring their Endless Pools installations as well as their favorite pool gear. They responded with pool photos highlighting everything from swim paddles to an inflatable boat to a custom-designed support for aquatic therapy exercise.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to our contest sponsor,, the largest online specialty shop for swimming, fashion, beach, and surf products in the U.S.

When you live halfway between Lakes Michigan and Erie, it's the height of convenience to have the feel of open water swimming in your new pool room! To control the humidity, Joan added one of our Manual Security Covers. Now she swims and does therapy exercises in her Performance model; sometimes, of course, your workout pool is just the right spot for a snack!

In a tight backyard in Northern California, Martin is able to swim daily, thanks to his Original Series pool. It looks like his sons can also get a rowing workout with our adjustable current too! (We now have a Rowing Kit for our Original Series pools, but we love their ingenuity!)

"Show off your favorite swim gear," our contest announcement implored, and that's exactly what this above-the-waterline freestyle demo does! Lisa and Bonnie swim in their High Performance pool, which they customized to a 8 feet by 15 feet. They opted for the convenience of a basement pool, and to create an airier feel, they cleverly painted a sky on the ceiling!

When it gets hot in New York City, Chrisanta and her daughters dip into their Original pool. They saved a bundle with simple cost-control measures, like installing it aboveground in their backyard and limiting their order to only their high-priority pool accessories. Since 2012, they've enjoyed the pool in all sorts of weather, thanks to their pool enclosure.

Dale loves his Endless Pools Original model. He installed it himself and swims in it daily. He customized the pool to be one foot shorter than our standard 14-foot length to fit neatly in the walkout basement of their Northern Virginia home. His wife, Maria, has a spinal injury, so he constructed this scaffold from PVC pipe so that she can do core and leg workouts.

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