How Jim Got Four Pools in One

His gorgeous indoor pool gets used for swimming, therapy, fitness, and family fun

The quarantine inspired us to ask our social media followers: How do you stay fit at home? We've received a range of responses, from live-streamed yoga classes to strength training in a garage gym. Like many Endless Pools® customers, Jim F. felt that he had an advantage.

"My wife and I have been alternating days swimming since we locked down in early March," Jim shared. "It’s a great way to get some exercise and allow some of the mental stress to slip away." When his daughter visited for the weekend, "She commented on her 'spa weekend' as she used the pool to get some much needed exercise."

"One of the best investments in our personal health that we have ever made" is how Jim describes this Endless Pools Original model. Customized to 8 feet by 14 feet, he and his wife, Liz, use it for therapy, swimming, weight loss, and presumably, for impressing friends and neighbors with the beauty of their humble Iowa home.

Jim's Endless Pools Original model was installed in the summer of 2000! Nearly 20 years later, the pool is still going strong. He shared this photo of the installation that he and his wife, Liz, created in their Winneshiek County, Iowa, home.

While the traditional backyard pool is usually seen as a place to cool off in summer, Endless Pools models are designed for function. With our adjustable current and the option for indoor installation, they can serve many uses, all year round. Jim and Liz let their pool serve four distinct goals.

The Therapy Pool

"My wife has MS," Jim told us. "This was the first impetus to install one. She has used it to mitigate her symptoms, and it's been a game changer."

Many customers have used their at-home Endless Pools models to treat a range of ailments, including multiple sclerosis. Water's natural buoyancy makes their therapy pool a pain-free environment in which to exercise, relax, and feel like their old selves.

Aquatic therapy needn't just be aerobic or prescribed exercises, as Jim has found. "I have an underlying lung condition, so the COVID-19 virus has gotten my attention." And that's led him to another use for the pool

Liz swims to help her manage her multiple sclerosis symptoms. Her husband, Jim, says that regular aquatic exercise has been "a game changer" for her. The interior stairs and external grab bar (lower right) are accessibility options to help them get in and out of this fully in-ground pool.

The Swimming Pool

Swimming makes a great total-body aerobic exercise. "I was an occasional swimmer, but now do so every other day," Jim says, adding proudly that he's "swimming up to 40 minutes non-stop each day."

The Endless Pools current lets you swim without interruption. Unlike standard swimming pools, the Endless Pools current lets you swim with no flip turns; essentially, it's a swimmer's treadmill! The result is a more effective and time-efficient workout. His swims save even more time, as he completes them on demand, from the comfort of home.

The Fitness Pool

"I'm not a person who enjoys 'going to the gym,'" Jim shares. It's a sentiment to which many people can relate. He turns to swimming in his at-home fitness pool to meet his weight loss goals.

"I wanted to lose another 10 pounds and get my blood sugar back to healthy levels." Of course, regular exercise has been proven to burn calories and help control blood sugar.

Swimming is such a low-impact exercise that many people find that they can do it at virtually any age. Aging knees and joints can stop runners after many years, while swimmers often find that they can keep exercising well after retirement!

The Family Pool

"Our Endless Pool has helped both of us remain active and physically viable into our 60s." Both he and his wife use it, so it's serving the whole household.

As mentioned, his daughter loves using it during visits home. According to Jim, she "was a swimmer in high school and grew up at our local pool. She was a real pool rat."

(Many seniors also prize their Endless Pools installation for the memories they create with their grandchildren. Jim reports that he doesn't have any "yet," but the pool should still be running just fine if and when he does!)

Jim and Liz created this gorgeous Endless Pools room. The exposed wood gives it a warm, welcoming feel, while the vaulted ceiling creates a dramatic visual. Who wouldn't want to gather with loved ones around this sunny family pool?

With all of those benefits – now during the quarantine and for the past two decades – it's easy to see why Jim calls their Endless Pools Original model "one of the best investments in our personal health that we have ever made!"

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