Lap Pool or Endless Pools® Model?

Use these 6 Comparison Points to make your choice.

Unlike lap pools, Endless Pools has swim spas and pools that save space and money while offering an uninterrupted swim.

Replicating a traditional, space-hogging lap pool in a residential setting, whether indoors or out, is expensive and disruptive to the yard and home. That's why many swimmers turn to Endless Pools for a convenient, clean, and private place to swim.

This space-saving Endless Pools Original Series model lets her enjoy an uninterrupted swimming rhythm in a compact installation. That leaves room for gardens, sunning, a gazebo, and entertaining.

Below you'll find some clear comparisons showing that an Endless Pools model is not only the more affordable alternative to lap pool ownership – it's the intelligent choice for yourself, your family, your property, and the environment.

1. Cost

According to, the average cost for a lap pool is $50,000. At the high end, you could pay $60,000. You'd need to then factor in costs of heating and maintaining water quality in an oversized lap pool.

Unless you're installing our Elite model favored by Olympic-caliber swimmers, you'll pay less with Endless Pools. Our Original model has an MSRP of $33,999 for 2024. With just under 3,000 gallons in a standard Endless Pools installation, heating and maintenance costs will be drastically lower.

Depending on your climate and budget, some customers swim outdoors with Endless Pools for nine or even 12 months out of the year! The compact size and energy-efficient heater allows her to swim in warm water in winter.

2. Space

The $50,000 average lap-pool price tag is for a 45-foot model. So yes, you would need to sacrifice 45 feet of your property just to swim!

By contrast, the standard Endless Pools Original model occupies a footprint of approximately 9 feet by 16 feet. You can fit one of our pools in less than half of a two-car garage!

Swim without stopping -- that's what she gets in this Endless Pools Fitness Systems E500. The swim spa's compact footprint leaves plenty of room for gorgeous landscaping.

3. The Swim

For all the space hogged up by your lap pool, you would still need to interrupt your swim with flip turns. Yes, you'd get more uninterrupted strokes than in a traditional backyard pool. But many lap pool owners have had to sacrifice their pool's length (and therefore, their uninterrupted stroke count) to control costs.

The Endless Pools current, on the other hand, is easily adjustable for virtually all skill levels. You can swim without stopping for a more efficient workout with cardio-building endurance training.

The Endless Pools Elite model delivers our smoothest, fastest current. It's power even suits Olympic and competitive swimmers for training in any stroke.

4. Energy Efficiency

What does it cost to heat a pool that's as long as 45 feet? Do you want to find out?

Lap pool maintenance costs can be magnified by the fact that a bigger pool is logistically more difficult and more expensive to keep covered. Your uncovered lap pool constantly loses heat and moisture to the atmosphere, so your costs rise with every little breeze across its vast surface.

As an alternative, Endless Pools offers secure pool covers and swim spa covers to trap in nearly all of the heat and humidity. And with less surface area, the water and heat loss when uncovered will be negligible by comparison. All of our pool and swim spa models come standard with an efficient pump and heater.

Indoors, the problems are magnified. With consistent use of your pool cover, your Endless Pools room can stay comfortable with a standard household vent fan. For an indoor lap pool, expect to install a commercial dehumidification system to prevent mold buildup and other humidity issues.

You couldn't fit a lap pool in this room! The Endless Pools Performance model lets this family swim year round in a serene environment.

5. Installation

Including excavation, lap pool installation routinely takes three to five weeks. You don't have to install your lap pool fully in-ground, of course. But partially or fully above-ground lap pools require additional structural support due to their size. Your lap pool installation bill will swell with either excavation by a backhoe or with a specially engineered support structure.

Endless Pools models can also be installed outdoors or inside, in-ground or above. However, Endless Pools gives you the option to install in existing rooms, in corners, and in small private spaces. Many of our customers even choose a DIY pool installation. All of our pools are free-standing, and assembly takes a matter of days.

6. Maintenance

It's simple math. More water requires more chlorine to stay crystal clear. Lap pool owners have exponentially more gallons to pH-balance than owners of Endless Pools models do. That means more work and more money for the owners of lap pools.

Endless Pools customers consistently tell us that, with regular maintenance, keeping their pool water clear takes just minutes a week. Endless Pools' state-of-the-art systems, combined with the lower gallonage, make for simpler, faster, more affordable pool maintenance.

To save space, money, and hassles, Endless Pools remains the smart choice for uninterrupted swimming at home.

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