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On the Road to Rio: Olivia Smoliga

For the last three Olympics, the U.S. has owned the women’s 100-meter backstroke. Natalie Coughlin took the gold in Athens and Beijing; Missy Franklin stood atop the London podium. At this year’s Olympic Trials, both amazing women took a backseat to a Georgia Bulldog by the name of Olivia Smoliga. ...

On the Road to Rio: Kevin Cordes

At the just-completed Olympic Trials in Omaha, the new blood in American swimming had the crowds abuzz. Gold medalists from London 2012 either fell short for their winning events (Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin) or failed to make Team USA at all (Matt Grevers, Tyler Clary). Among the newcomers, Kevin Cordes, ...

This Day in Swimming: Women Swim at the Olympics

The ancient Olympics were for male athletes only. A woman could score a victory only as a horse owner, not as the jockey. The modern Olympics recognized swimming at the 1896 Games, but the first women swimmers did not compete until 1912.

On the Road to Rio: Maya DiRado

“Maya has a great natural feel for the water,” according to Greg Meehan, Head Coach for Stanford University’s swimming team. “Most elite swimmers do, but they don’t always have this skill in multiple strokes.”

Swimming for Weight Loss (Part 1 of 3)

By Jenni Brozena, MS, CSCS, CES Owner/President of Aqueous www.aqueous.co “Swimmers have great bodies, so I should probably start swimming to lose weight, right?” A version of this sentiment flows from the mouths of hyper-dedicated New Year’s ‘Resolutionaries,’ potential triathletes, and the delightfully overconfident who presume swimming is an easy ...

This Day in Swimming: Lynne Cox Swims Across the Iron Curtain

August 7, 1987, was a foggy morning on the Alaskan coast. Lynne Cox faced out over the frigid waters of the Bering Strait. The 30-year-old open water swimmer was about to cross the U.S.-Soviet border, which the Cold War had been keeping closed since 1948. 11 Years in the Making ...

Passion Fit Student Profile: Christine’s Active Retirement

When swim coach Tom Ward first met Christine, “she could only manage about four strokes of front crawl before holding her sides in pain.” He asked himself how long the 61-year-old newcomer would last. To his surprise, Christine bought 20 sessions up front. “I always wanted to have proper stroke ...

This Day in Swimming: Title IX Becomes Law

Title IX, the landmark legislation signed into law on June 23, 1972. Its impact has been particularly notable on female athletes. Before Title IX, their prospects were considerably limited.

Andrew Starykowicz: How Endless Pools Skills Translate to Open Water

Last week, professional triathlete Andrew Starykowicz (STARK-o-witz) recounted how he used his Performance Endless Pool® to quicken his recovery from 2015 bone-spur surgery. Andrew came back to win the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans. Today, he discusses other benefits to his triathlon training in his basement Endless Pool

This Day in Swimming: Esther Williams Makes a Splash

In the early 1940s, moviegoing in the U.S. was at its peak. The majority of Americans went to their local movie palace at least once a week! Hollywood stars served as role models for how to dress and behave. So Hollywood’s first swimming star had an enormous impact on the ...

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