Swim Spa Sizes

You can choose from a range of sizes and depths with Endless Pools® Swim Spas!

When it comes to swim spas, you’ll want a model to fit both your needs and the space you have, whether it’s outdoors or indoors.

An Endless Pools swim spa will give you just what the name suggests—a place for exercise as well as the spa experience of recreation and stress-relief. Whether you want a workout against one of our adjustable currents or just to unwind with hydromassage jets, a swim spa can transform your wellness and leisure time.

Our E500 swim spa has plenty of space for exercise and relaxation. You can get an enhanced aquatic workout followed by relaxing hydromassage in our molded jetted seats

Lucky for you, Endless Pools has eight models in three distinct series of swim spas to choose from. All models can be installed above-ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground. Our swim spas all feature our exclusive smooth current; while other brands deliver bubbles and turbulence, our currents are uniquely swimmable.

With Endless Pools swim spas you’re spoiled for choice. The hard part might just be narrowing it down to the one model you want!

Endless Pools Fitness Systems

First up are Endless Pools Fitness Systems, also known as our E-Series swim spas. With four models to choose from, these swim spas deliver the most versatility. You’ll have plenty of space to work out or hang out with your choice of three swim spa sizes.

Our only swim spas with our signature hydraulically driven current, the E-series models are perfect for a productive workout or uninterrupted swim. The current, combined with the natural resistance of water, will take your fitness routine to the next level.

Our E550 swim spa has the most room for swimming and fitness. You can still stand to enjoy the hydromassage jets, but the added width and lack of seats make it our most spacious fitness system!

The E2000, a dual-temperature swim spa that has separate seating and swimming areas, is the largest at 20’ long, 89” wide, and 58” high.

E-series models are deeper (58”) to perfectly pair the signature current with our exclusive Underwater Treadmill (optional). The Underwater Treadmill further enhances your fitness experience for low-impact running or walking. E-series swim spas are the only model that have this option.

The E700 has the same width and height, but it’s 17’ long.If neither of those swim spa sizes fit the space you have available, however, both the E500 and E550 swim spas are only 15’ long. The former has the same standard dimensions for width and height. The E550 is 94” wide in order to give you the space for virtually any aquatic workout and swim stroke, including butterfly and breaststroke,

The E550, however, has the most expansive environment for fitness because it comes without the seats. You’ll have more space to swim, but you can also choose to stand at the hydromassage jets, which are still included.

SwimCross Exercise Systems

Our SwimCross® Exercise Systems, or X-series swim spas, will also give you an effective workout, but this time with our four-jet current (three resistance jets and a fourth “river jet” for lift). Our airless jet technology provides a variable resistance current that also keeps you afloat with no bubbles to distract you! This series offers two swim spa sizes.

The X2000 swim spa gives you not only a great space for exercise, but also a separate hot tub with hydromassage jets to help you relax for your cool-down. The 15’ pool is separated from the 5’ hot tub so that you can always get a workout in, even while someone else in your family is relaxing in warmer waters!

The X2000 swim spa has space to workout and to relax, even at the same time! One person can swim or workout in the fitness area at a comfortable temperature. in the other section, others can enjoy hot-tub luxury at a toasty 140 degrees F! It's the most versatile, time-saving solution.

The X500, on the other hand, is a more compact model at 15’ long, 89” wide, and 50” high. It features the same four jets – three to provide resistance with the fourth, oblong 'river jet' below them lifting you up – and three hydromassage seats on the other end of the pool.

RecSport Recreation Systems

Lastly, the RecSport® Recreation Systems, or R-series swim spas, are designed with family fun time in mind.

Our R500 has three airless jets for the current, plus the five spa seats come with a total of 27 hydromassage jets. This swim spa has enough room for recreation and relaxation for the whole family. It’s 15’ long, 50” high, and 89” wide.

If you prefer a smaller version, the R200 is the most compact of our swim spa sizes. It’s 12’ long with the same width and height dimensions as the R500. This model also comes with the same number of seats and hydromassage jets. You get all the benefits of a great swim spa in a version that can fit into more compact spaces.

The R200 swim spa may be our smallest model, but it still has plenty of space for family time. Our most affordable swim spa, it puts Endless Pools quality within reach!

No matter what type of swim spa or what specific model you decide on, you’re investing in a smart addition to your home. With our different swim spa sizes, there’s definitely one that’ll be a perfect fit.

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