Swimming Pool Jets 101

Transform your pool for uninterrupted swimming, fitness, and water-park fun.

Swimming pool jets create a current that can turn your pool into a 'lazy river,' just like you'd find at a water park. Not feeling lazy? Then get active with these same jets! They can provide resistance for pool workouts, and the best swimming pool jets deliver a current for swimming in place.

Of course, not all of these swim jet systems are created equal. Some background information can help you get the most versatility and the most power for your pool investment.

The deck-mount Fastlane Pro unit easily fits into this existing pool. Her dad uses the Fastlane current to train for IRONMAN triathlons. She uses it to develop life-saving swimming skills while having an invigorating good time!

Standard Swimming Pool Jets

Typical swimming pool jets use air to force the water out. The current is turbulent and full of bubbles. That's fine if you just want the water to move. But a bubbly jetted current can be difficult to swim into.

Standard swimming pool jets force a narrow stream of water through a small opening. With a knob to adjust the volume, the current speeds can be imprecise, with a limited range of options.

If deals and prices on these swim jet systems seem too good to be true, they probably are! An investment in top-quality swimming pool jets can pay dividends over years of healthy activity, family fun, and uninterrupted swims.

There's a Fastlane Pro unit tucked away underneath that pool deck. When you install our Fastlane Pro system during pool construction, you can recess the pool wall and/or create an overhang to conceal the current unit. You'll get a more polished look with all the power, versatility, and 'swimmability' that Endless Pools is known for.

The Pro Option from Endless Pools®

Endless Pools offers the Fastlane® Pro current system. It puts our signature adjustable current into almost any pool, new or existing. It's not a jetted system; the current is generated by a custom-engineered propeller and powered by an innovative hydraulic system!

The result is a larger, smoother, more swimmable current than you can find with standard swimming pool jets. It also has more power with a higher top speed; while some competing brands boast a 4-hp pump, the Fastlane Pro system comes with a 5-hp pump standard.

Experienced swimmers find that they can use the Fastlane Pro current for swim training and for fitness swimming. Parents find that the current is smooth and adjustable enough to teach life-saving swimming skills to their kids.

Whichever Endless Pools system you choose, you can expect years of pool workouts, family together time, and uninterrupted swimming. Dip in and enjoy!

You don't need a rectangular pool for a Fastlane system. This freeform pool has a small section that's straight enough to fit our wall-mount Pro unit. Your Endless Pools representative can consult on best practices for a secure Fastlane installation for years of swimming, family fun, and pool workouts.

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