Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

How you can transform your backyard into a garden oasis for a low price!

Whether it’s a family BBQ or a hobby vegetable garden, the backyard is a place of recreation and escape. Depending on where you live, a backyard footprint can range from green acres to a postage stamp. If your backyard skews toward the latter, we have some creative suggestions to renovate yours into an escape as unique as you.

A wonderful way to improve your backyard would be with a pool! You can choose a model that won’t dominate the space of your backyard or break the bank.

Our Streamline pool has a custom current that's smooth, airless, and just right for recreational swimming. It's not for advanced or competitive swimmers, but it's just right to teach lifesaving swimming lessons! As a perk, it's our most compact and affordable swimming pool.

Benefits of a Small Pool

Small pools take up less space, of course, and that means that you have more choices about where to build. At Endless Pools, any of our models can be assembled for above-ground, in-ground, and partially in-ground enjoyment.

In addition, smaller pools are less expensive both to build and maintain. They're often easier to assemble in the first place, which is why many Endless Pools customers choose to install their pools on their own!

A small pool on a budget also means that you can choose how to landscape the rest of your backyard. You don’t have to change up your backyard space too much if you don’t want to, though, since a small pool can easily fit into existing space.

If you also love sitting at a table outside or around a fire pit, you don’t have to sacrifice those activities to make room for a pool. With a small pool, there’ll be plenty of space for everything you want to do in your backyard.

Our models are more compact than many other pool options, so if it’s a small pool you want, Endless Pools is the place to go!

Our most affordable swim spa, the RecSport Recreation System R200 offers all they luxuries of a full-size swim spa in a compact 12-foot frame. Our airless three-jet current gives this family the versatility to swim, workout, and play ... when they're not relaxing, that is!

Benefits of a Budget

Doing some research into the price range for the type of pool you want can definitely help you find the best model for you. You can figure out what level of quality you can find at a cost you’re comfortable with.

Once you have a set budget, it will help you narrow down your options. Even just at Endless Pools, we have a variety of different models that cover a vast range of prices.

Also, if you wind up getting a pool that’s under budget once you figure out what your upper limit is, that means you can spend some of that extra money on finishing and landscaping the area around the pool. You could choose to add a pool deck, a garden, outdoor decorations, pavers, added accessories, and more! Whatever you want in your backyard, you can also adjust your budget to account for.

You should be able to get the backyard and pool that you’ve always wanted without overspending. Small pools on a budget are the best way to do just that.

Here's a budget small pool idea: Install an aboveground WaterWell pool, the most affordable Endless Pools model. As time passes and your budget replenishes, you can add decking to create partially in-ground convenience. When you're ready, get some stylish outdoor furniture. Just take it one step at a time!

Our Affordable Pools

Our most affordable option is the WaterWell® pool, a versatile model that comes without our signature current. This pool is designed for therapy, fitness, and fun. Even if it’s a small pool on a budget, your family will still have plenty of space to splash around.

The Streamline® pool is another small pool that comes at a reasonable price, with a custom-engineered current and temperature-controlled water. This model is perfect for recreational swimming, fitness, and all-around family fun.

The Streamline is also simpler to assemble and maintain than our Original Series pools, and much less expensive than a typical concrete and fiberglass pool.

If you prefer a swim spa to a swimming pool, the R200 is our most compact model. Built for recreation and relaxation, this swim spa has 27 hydromassage jets and 5 seats to promote stress-relief and spa. It's designed for family fun, and with our adjustable resistance current, there's room to swim and exercise too.

Still, if you’re not sure which model would be the best fit, you can play around with all the different choices we offer with our Build Your Pool feature.

If you want a small pool on a budget for your backyard, there are several models at Endless Pools that could be a perfect fit.

At the end of the day, no matter how important sticking within your budget can be, you’ll want to make sure you have a pool with the versatility to keep you and your family engaged for years to come.

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