8 Perks of Modular Pools

A modular pool could be a perfect fit for your home!

Modular pools are a great choice when it comes to investing in a new pool. These pools are small and self-supporting and include everything that you’ll need to set it up.

From the smallest of backyard spaces to the most challenging indoor spaces, modular pools can fit almost anywhere: indoor, outdoor, in-ground, above-ground, anywhere you have the room for one!

What is a Modular Pool?

Modular pools come in pieces that you need to assemble on site. Typically, modular pools are also smaller in size than traditional concrete and fiberglass pools. They’re also sometimes referred to as plunge pools.

This fully in-ground WaterWell pool was installed on a balcony overlooking the water for an amazing effect. Our Interior Stairs and Spa Rail make entries and exists a breeze! The owners can look out on an amazing view while they workout or relax in their modular pool.

Modular pools have been around since the 1940s and have only increased in popularity since then. Why, you ask? Well, there are a lot of upsides to buying a modular pool!

8 Benefits of a Modular Pool

  1. Modular pools are typically far less expensive than the competition due to their small size and less costly materials.

  2. Modular pools are easier and more affordable to ship as a sum of their parts versus the oversized trucks needed for single-piece fiberglass Assembling these kinds of pools takes fewer steps and is cheaper to do.

  3. Modular pools are also designed for professional or DIY assembly. You could set up the pool yourself if you wanted and save on assembly costs!

  4. You have the option to build above-ground, partially or fully in-ground, so you won’t have to excavate unless you want to!

  5. These pools can be put indoors, outdoors, or even in the garage—wherever you have the space. Components of modular pools are designed to go through standard doorways and downstairs for installation in the trickiest of locations

  6. This pool can be customized to fit your space—Endless Pools models are customizable in 1’ increments with multiple depth options.

  7. Smaller pools mean less maintenance, which saves time and money in the long term.

  8. Modular pools are also versatile, and you could easily use your pool for exercise or entertainment.

The Streamline pool is our most affordable modular swimming pool. It has simplified assembly and comes fully finished at one all-inclusive price. With a current that's custom-engineered for the recreational swimmer, the Streamline pool is suitable for freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke swimmers.

Our Modular Pools

All of our Original Series pools are modular! Customizable dimensions, compact, versatile assembly options, the ability to be built above-ground—these are all the hallmarks of a great modular pool.

A modular pool is what you make of it, and with Endless Pools, you have countless customization options to make the pool fit your needs!

Our Original Pool is of course a modular pool, as Endless Pools has been making great strides in modular pool production since 1988.

Our signature model, the Original pool, is fully modular for on-site assembly. These homeowners chose to have their pool installed partially in-ground on their deck with stone skirting to match their stacked-stone garden wall.

In addition, the WaterWell® pool is a very popular option for both aquatic therapy and recreation that comes without our signature current. If you’re looking for a plunge pool, this one will have everything you want.

Our durable pools and world-class resistance current offer an opportunity for both fitness and fun. If it’s a modular pool you want, then Endless Pools is the right place to go.

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