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After Gayle Swims,

After Gayle Swims, "Nobody Would Know I Have MS"

"If I keep doing what I'm doing," Gayle says, "nobody would know I have MS." After 30 years with multiple sclerosis, Gayle stays flexible and active with year-round swimming in her indoor Endless Pools installation. As an added bonus, the rest of her family loves to swim, play, and rejuvenate in her pool too!

Why Kim Pedals in the Pool

Why Kim Pedals in the Pool

"Basically, I just got sick of fighting with people at the Y." That's why Kim says she installed an Original Endless Pool in her Kentucky backyard. She's been swimming at home, and now she pedals too! This summer, Kim discovered the Endless Pools Aqua Bike. "It's a lovely piece of equipment!"