Why Kim Pedals in the Pool

She brought her swimming home with Endless Pools® and started aqua-biking too!

"Basically, I just got sick of fighting with people at the Y." That's why Kim says she installed an Endless Pools Original model in her Kentucky backyard. She's been swimming at home, and now she pedals too! This summer, Kim discovered that the Aquabike "gives you a good workout."

"I was swimming at the Y, and the Y that's closest to my home has only three [pool] lanes," Kim recalls. And given the competition for those pool lanes, "people were not very nice. I was trying to swim and instead of holding my own, I let people take over the lane. I just got upset."

An in-ground pool wasn't suitable for Kim's backyard. "We have a big yard, but it's a fall-away lot." Engineering a full-size swimming pool on a hillside would be cost-prohibitive. Instead, she and her husband realized that they could easily fit an above-ground Endless Pools model in the level section of their backyard. It would allow her to swim in a compact space.

After installing an Endless Pools Original model, Kim started swimming two to three times a week. "I'm enjoying it a lot," she says, noting that she would swim more if she didn't have so many other exercise options.

"I'm very active," she reports. "I do elliptical, and I do yoga, and I do Pilates, and I walk." As if that hadn't been enough, Kim recalls, "I wanted to add a bike to my routine."

Dipping in for a Water Bike

Kim thought that an underwater bike would be best for her. "I'm almost 60. … I've had a knee replacement so I do worry about high impact. I wont use a treadmill anymore, and I don’t run anymore. There are things I don't do because I don't want impact on that knee."

Kim was looking for a water bike when she learned that Endless Pools offered the Aquabike. "Getting a bike that you can use in the water," she reasoned, "you get resistance, and you don’t have high impact. There are certain people that would be a real positive for … including me!

"I used to be a runner," Kim says. She now calls the Aquabike "a very nice change of pace. It gives me a good workout."

Our lightweight stationary Aquabike delivers a workout that's more effective than indoor cycling and gentler on your body. Two to three times a week, Kim uses one of these in her Original Series Endless Pools model. "It's just a lovely piece of equipment," she reports. "I do half an hour. It really is a fun ride."

Kim's Aquabike Workout

After getting her water bike, Kim began using it "two to three times a week." She positions the bike in front of the Endless Pools swim current and turns it up; "not too light, not too heavy, just right in the middle," is the sweet spot that she found with the current. "It's just neat with all that resistance from the water."

On an underwater bike, the water creates resistance against your legs from all directions. When you pedal in front of the swim current, you get additional forward resistance.

Kim is 5-feet, 9-inches tall, and her Original pool has the standard water depth of 39 inches. So the water "comes up to probably hip level. My legs are completely submerged." An Endless Pools Original Series pool can be customized to other depths, and in a deeper pool, the swim current could provide a core workout while you're using the Aquabike.

Of course, Kim likes her water bike set up just as it is. "It’s been wonderful," she says of the Aquabike. "It's just a lovely piece of equipment. I do half an hour. It really is a fun ride."

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