6 Home Gyms that Make a Splash

Get home gym ideas with these photos from Endless Pools® customers.

Imagine working out with no commute, no locker rooms, no crowds, and no scheduling hassles. If you have a home workout room, you already know the convenience of owning home gym equipment. Endless Pools customers also know that you don’t need to sacrifice the versatility of a commercial gym in your own home gym.

With any Endless Pools model, you can do a vast range of aquatic exercises, all with little impact on your joints and with 360-degree resistance. Choose a pool or swim spa with one of our adjustable currents, and you can enjoy a total-body swim workout.

These 6 examples can inspire you with home workout room ideas that you can use with an Endless Pools set-up of your own. Pool workouts are fun, invigorating, heart-healthy, and efficient. Many customers tell us that their pool or swim spa is their favorite piece of home gym equipment!

Wendy works out with an aerobics video, clearly visible from the Original pool in her suburban Seattle home. She and her husband saved on installation by assembling their pool fully above-ground, then building an adjacent platform (left) for easy access in and out of the pool.

Active couples love our Dual pool. With two independently adjustable currents, you can swim or workout side by side to compete, save time, or just have more fun with a workout buddy. This room makes smart use of the narrow poolside area for cardio equipment in full view of the big-screen television.

If you have a show-stopping cabin with vaulted ceilings and exposed beams, why not make it your home workout room? This home gym offers a climbing wall, lots of resistance equipment, and a fully in-ground Endless Pools Original model for swimming in-place, low-impact workouts, and cooling off.

This home gym is fully equipped for cardiovascular exercise, strength training, boxing, and swimming and pool workouts. For no-hassle pool security, this Original Series model features our automatic pool cover, barely visible at the far end. Our stainless-steel Spa Rail makes getting in and out easier for all ages and abilities.

You could do an entire indoor triathlon right in this home gym! It’s fully equipped for stationary swimming, cycling, and running. The partially in-ground Performance pool delivers a smooth swim current adjustable for all levels. Visible underwater are our swim mirrors to monitor and improve your swim technique in real time.

In this split-level home gym, it’s cardio on the mezzanine and Endless Pools fitness on the ground floor. This space-saving set-up lets the sun shine in on the water; open the windows for a cool breeze, weather permitting. With all the components in the cabinet, accessible on the right, you can install the pool against the left wall.

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