5 Optimal Options for Pool Workouts

Customers around the world turn to Endless Pools® for a convenient fitness pool in their home. With no commute, no locker rooms, and no waiting for a lane, it's a no-hassle solution to getting all the benefits of regular aquatic exercise.

These five options can make your pool workouts more effective, more varied, and more fun!

Step Lightly on the Underwater Treadmill

Few workouts are more punishing on knees and joints than running. The continual pounding, especially on asphalt, can take a toll over time. In water, walking, jogging, and running are significantly lower-impact.

The Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill lets you enjoy that workout in your home pool. The Underwater Treadmill adjusts from near-zero speeds up to 5.5 miles per hour. You can use it simultaneously with the Endless Pools swim current for added intensity and core engagement.

Endless Pools lets you choose the depth of your pool or spa, so you can plan a deeper pool for greater buoyancy or not-so-deep for more vigorous treadmill workouts.

Take a Spin on the Aquabike

Stationary cycling is so popular that pre-registration fills many classes well in advance! But there's no waiting and no crowds with an Aquabike from Endless Pools.

Group cycling classes burn calories and promote heart health with minimal joint impact. Do the same workout in water, and you get even less impact on your ankles and knees, plus the added benefit of water's 360-degree resistance.

The Aquabike has great features, such as lightweight construction to easily lift it in and out of the pool, five adjustment points for a custom fit, and padded pedals for comfort when riding barefoot.

To make it even easier, the bike has no speed settings; water creates the resistance, so just pedal faster to increase the intensity. It's another way that the Aquabike puts you in complete control.

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Underwater Mirrors

Ever watched yourself swim? It'd be difficult in a traditional pool or open water. By swimming in place with Endless Pools, you easily observe every movement to refine your stroke in real time!

Endless Pools offers two stainless-steel underwater mirrors that can be used separately or together. The Swim Mirror is smaller and built-in at a 45-degree angle; it lets you monitor hand entry, pull through, and shoulder rolls. The easily removable Floor Mirror lies flat to give you a full-body view.

Endless Pools-sponsored triathlete Andrew Starykowicz trains at home in his Endless Pools Performance model. In an article on his swim training, Andrew wrote, "Using the mirror, I can watch my every stroke and have been able to reduce my stroke count while swimming faster." Swimmer magazine, Masters swimmer Laura Hamel observed, "Seeing what I was doing in the mirror allowed me to make postural corrections that made my stroke feel more relaxed and natural almost immediately."

The Grab Bar (or should we say 'Barre')

The 'barre fitness' trend became red hot on its reputation for improving flexibility and posture, defining muscle definition, losing weight, and reducing stress for all fitness levels. All you needed was a ballet bar. If any of those movements are painful in the barre studio, you may be able to do them pain-free in the water with an Endless Pools grab bar.

The grab bar is one of many accessibility options offered by Endless Pools. Designed to help customers of any ability to get in and out of their home pool, some of the rails and grab bars also function for pool workouts.

Of course, the housing for our swim current generator already features a grab bar. If you choose an Endless Pools WaterWell, our therapy pool with no swim current, or if you have a favorite exercise buddy, you can add a grab bar to the pool's coping.

Swim Communicator

Why swim in silence? If you enjoy listening to audio during your workouts, you can still do that in the pool with the Swim Communicator.

This versatile device lets you hear audio from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone while you're swimming! It easily syncs to your smartphone's music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. You can even stream audio from apps like Spotify® and Stitcher®.

From FINIS®, the worldwide leader in technical swim products, the Swim Communicator was designed to transmit your coach's real-time instructions through a smartphone's mic. Whatever you listen to, it'll be crystal-clear thanks to patented Bone-Conduction Audio Transmission; this innovation delivers high-quality audio through the cheekbones to the inner ear, without the use of earbuds!

According to a research overview in Psychology Today, listening to music during exercise delivers measurable benefits. It can delay and lessen your perception of fatigue. Music can improve your energy efficiency and influence your mood. Multiple studies have found that music helps keep you going during workouts, so plug in, dip in, and enjoy!

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