Leona Loves her “Swim Gym”

After a 20-year wait, her Endless Pools swim spa was “worth every penny.”

Leona has her priorities. She recently got her Endless Pools® swim spa. “I was actually saving up for a car,” she recalls, “but I thought, ‘I don’t really need a car, but I really want one of those swim spas.’

“I call it my swim gym,” she says of her RecSport® Recreation System. She now swims and exercises every day in the R200 swim spa in her Arizona backyard. “I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve wanted one for a long time.”

After a 20-year wait, Leona is thrilled to finally own an Endless Pools swim spa! “It’s so convenient, and it’s so easy to use," she enthuses. “Its super cost efficient. It only raised my electric bill, like, 25 bucks a month. I’ve pretty much been in it every day," she adds. "I just love it."

Love at First Swim

It really has been a long time. She ordered her Endless Pools swim spa in 2020 after first swimming in one of our pools back in “the late 1990s. What a revolution – so simple to use and maintain! It was amazing to someone who loves to swim. I promised myself I would one day have one.”

That’s high praise from Leona, who has “always been in the water. I coached swimming for 10 years and before that I swam myself.” She was raised in Mission Viejo, “which was back then the Swimming Capital of the World. There was a pool pretty much on every corner.”

After decades as a swimmer, coach, lifeguard, and stroke-and-turn judge, she first experienced the Endless Pools swim current at a coaches’ clinic. “Of course, I fell in love with it right away.” She remembered the experience a decade later; in 2009, “I built a house, and on the outside of the house, I put a 220 outlet on it.” She said to herself, “‘One day, I’m going to have a swim spa.’”

Worth the Wait

Since her R200 swim spa arrived, “I’ve pretty much been in it every day,” Leona says excitedly. “It’s so convenient, and it’s so easy to use.

“Its super cost efficient. It only raised my electric bill, like, 25 bucks a month. The chemicals are nothing. It’s super! I just love it.

“I get in, and I warm-up on the low speed.” Then on the high speed, “I try to do sets of 30 strokes: You do 30 strokes, then you stop and rest for five or ten seconds, and you do 30 strokes – so you do that 10 times."

“I just use it for exercise and stress relief. I have a pretty stressful job,” she adds. She also uses it as training for her other active pursuit; Leona belongs to the Outrigger Canoe Club, racing in either six- or two-person boats. “Any cardio is going to help you.” When she swims in her swim spa, “I try to get my heart rate up so it’s pretty much all cardio. And I do a lot of stretching in the pool.”

Was it worth the wait for her? “I wish I would’ve done it 10 years ago,” she says. “I’m glad I did it now!”

That's not something you see often -- Leona relaxing in her Endless Pools swim spa! "I use it mainly for swimming and exercise," she attests. “I try to get my heart rate up so it’s pretty much all cardio. And I do a lot of stretching in the pool."

Making it Her Own

The RecSport current has two speeds. “The high speed was super-fast, but I’m getting used to it,” she says. For the low speed, she’s planning on adding our optional Swim Tether to make her swim spa even more versatile.

Her other must-have accessory: our CoolZone cooling system, which she added with her intial order. Where she lives now in Arizona, she notes, “In the summertime, it’ll get so hot.”

She’s appreciative of the team at Neat Pool & Supply, her local Endless Pools swim spa dealer. “They’re super-nice people. When they craned it over my back wall, they stayed and made sure I knew how to use everything.”

Now, after a wait of over 20 years, Leona is making the most of her swim spa. “It’s definitely worth every penny of what I paid for it. I love it.’”

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