Endless Pools News: back pain

25 Years Later, Ed Buys their 2nd Endless Pool

Ed and Helen purchased one of the first 100 Endless Pools ever installed. For arthritis and back pain, they used it daily for 25 years! Now, as the company celebrates our 30th anniversary, they just installed their second Endless Pool. Ed calls it "absolutely wonderful" for the both of them. ...

From Tri Training to Low Back Pain, Cam Keeps Swimming

"My racing days may be done because of my lower back," says Cameron L., a seven-time IRONMAN World Championship triathlete. Fortunately, he can still swim! The Original Endless Pool that he trained for triathlon in now helps to strengthen his back .

For the Pain of Spinal Stenosis, Mike Takes a Swim

For years, Mike T. endured the debilitating pain of spinal stenosis. Today, all that's changed. "I'm not on any medications," Mike reports. "I swim seven days a week. The Endless Pool has basically cured all my issues."

67-year-old Vanetta's Game-Changer: the Endless Pool

Vanetta Hunter's original objective in purchasing and installing her Endless Pool was the relief of chronic back pain. But the synergistic effects of her hydro-therapy regimen have proven as gratifying as the improvement in her back condition is predictable. Vanetta, a 67-year-old resident of Massachusetts, strives for a minimum of ...

A doctor prescribes his own back pain relief: water therapy

"Even comparatively sedate forms of exercise, like walking, were sometimes rough on my back," says Dr. Robert Voller. To relieve this chronic lower back pain, Dr. Voller crafted an Endless Pool regimen that contrasts that of users whose primary objective is building strength. Robert enhances his flexibility via frequent, short ...

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