67-year-old Vanetta's Game-Changer: the Endless Pool

Vanetta Hunter's original objective in purchasing and installing her Endless Pool was the relief of chronic back pain. But the synergistic effects of her hydro-therapy regimen have proven as gratifying as the improvement in her back condition is predictable.

Vanetta, a 67-year-old resident of Massachusetts, strives for a minimum of five workouts a week, each consisting of 20-30 minutes of swimming, mostly the crawl, augmented by underwater aerobics when a recent shoulder injury curtails swim time. As recommended by her chiropractor, she typically concludes her exercise routine with a few minutes of relaxed backstroke.

As is true of many dedicated users of the Endless Pool, it is the most-helpful in a long series of remedies she has tried in addressing a vexing, ongoing physical impairment – her "reward," as it were, for being persistent. And as a bonus, Vanetta has come to think the value of her new found exercise regimen as exceeding the sum of its parts: In the course of treating her back through aquatic therapy, she has been surprised by the improvement in two other persistent health concerns, hypertension and recurring sinus infection.

"Though I've used medication to control blood pressure, the results have been erratic," she says. "Exercising in the Endless Pool seems to level out the spikes that accompany pharmaceutical treatment. Another surprise – though, again, it probably shouldn't be – is that the exercise clears my sinuses, and swimming each day has reduced to almost none the incidence of sinus infection. Thank goodness."

One other apparent consequence of Vanetta's use of her Endless Pool: She has ceased to be surprised of its benefit to her overall well being.

"Thanks to the specialists I've consulted for my back pain in the past, I can give you a very exacting diagnosis of the specific alignment problems in my spinal column," she says. "The trouble is, none of this analysis led to a substantial improvement in the condition. The variable that changed the whole equation is the Endless Pool.

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