A doctor prescribes his own back pain relief: water therapy

"Even comparatively sedate forms of exercise, like walking, were sometimes rough on my back," says Dr. Robert Voller. To relieve this chronic lower back pain, Dr. Voller crafted an Endless Pool regimen that contrasts that of users whose primary objective is building strength.

Dr. Robert Voller uses this Endless Pool for relief from his chronic back pain. "The non-weight bearing environment of the Endless Pool has helped me tremendously," he reports. 

Robert enhances his flexibility via frequent, short sessions in his Endless Pool: preferably twice daily for 10-15 minutes each.

Specific movements include both swimming and stretching exercises using the constant resistance of water as a non-jarring counterweight. He sets the water temperature to 80-85 degrees for spring and summer, five degrees warmer in the cooler months.

In crafting his personalized routine, Dr. Voller notes the benefits of aquatic therapy in addressing back pain issues. While water's natural buoyancy makes possible many movements that are simply not possible without the added support water affords, its natural resistance provides the best medium for building strength.He has come to know first hand that water therapy in an Endless Pool is an especially safe and comfortable environment for those already with back pain. "The non-weight bearing environment of the Endless Pool has helped me tremendously."

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