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Tina's Daily Recovery and Relief Remedy

Tina Prescott is an expatriate American now living in the Montreal area with husband Peter and their three children. Several years ago, she suffered a collapsed lung and a debilitating case of emphysema, consequences of thoracic surgery. Initial attempts at health maintenance consisted primarily of a daunting regimen of energy-sapping ...

Her Ailment is a Mystery, but an Effective Therapy is Clear

Deborah was overweight, with limited mobility, and in pain. After installing an Endless Pools WaterWell in her basement, she’s back to her old weight, increasingly active, and feeling much better. “The pool has been the best thing,” she says.

Innovating your own swimming pool workouts

People like Lois and Dennis Henry, of Florida remind us that Endless Pool owners are a constant, dynamic source of innovation, not to mention promotion, for the product. Having installed their unit a little more than a year ago, both use it daily, adapting their workouts to meet specific conditioning ...

Aquatic Exercise Routines for Multiple Sclerosis

Even Sally Knight's Endless Pool water exercise routine reflects the independent spirit of a woman who grew up in Maine. Having attended numerous clinics espousing any number of techniques for treating her multiple sclerosis - the chronic neuromuscular disease that attacks parts of the nervous system and is characterized by muscle ...

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