Customize Your Pool (or Buy this one in Michigan!)

Why does this Endless Pools® Original Series model have three different depths? According to Mark H, "It was my wife's desire for water aerobics in two depths and to be able to tread water." Thanks to the the Original Series' modular design, his wife got the pool of her dreams!

This is not your standard Endless Pools Original model! At 8 feet by 20 feet, it's been customized to be slightly wider and much longer. To accommodate a range of aquatic exercises, the pool features 3 different depths, from 42" to 69". Whether you dip in for fun, fitness, or relaxation, the skylight and sliding doors provide abundant natural sunlight.

This "double-deep" Endless Pools model gives them tremendous versatility:

  • 42" deep, our standard, near the housing of our signature adjustable swim current (far end). Approximately waist-deep for the average adult, this area is deep enough to accommodate your swim stroke and works for lower-body aqua-aerobic exercises.
  • 51" deep nearer the middle, this chest-deep section adds core resistance for water aerobics.
  • 69" deep at the back allows you to tread water for a range of fully buoyant exercises.

To accommodate the range of uses at each depth, this modular Endless Pool has been customized to 8 feet by 20 feet – that's a big step up from our standard water dimensions of 7 by 14!

Endless Pools' on-staff architects and engineers helped customize this fully in-ground installation. Our team routinely works with our customers' own architects to install our pools in existing rooms and in new construction, from simple backyard decks to Mark's sky-lit sunroom addition.

You can plan your customized Endless Pools installation using our free online 3D Pool Builder. Or you can buy this pool – and the Laingsburg, Michigan, house it's in! – by contacting the Flanders & Gerich Team of Realtors; our thanks to them for these stunning photos (below).

This beautiful home in Laingsburg, Michigan, features a customized, double-deep Endless Pools Original Series pool for swimming and aquatic aerobics at three different depths!

Imagine stepping out of bed, through sliding doors, and into your own Endless Pools sunroom! This home seems tailor-made for a morning swim ritual. Our modular pools installs almost anywhere, so you can easily enjoy pool fun and fitness all year round.

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