ATI Foundation and Mulliganeers Unite to Provide Home Therapy Pool

Erin Kane has already been through a great deal in her young life.

The five year old suffered a series of strokes shortly after her birth that caused several health impairments—including cerebral palsy.

With limited land-based exercise and therapy options, Erin’s swim therapist suggested the family contact the ATI Foundation, as they searched for a way to make daily aquatic therapy a reality.

Ultimately, ATI partnered with a fellow Chicago-based foundation, the Mulliganeers, to raise support for Erin’s Endless Pools® home therapy pool.

An aquatic therapist now visits Erin every week at her home. “Whatever they work on with swim therapy,” said her mother, Kim Kane. “We’re able to follow through with daily.”

“In just six weeks of working in the pool, we have the carryover on land to hold her head up a few minutes at a time. That was only a dream prior to the pool.”

Water therapy in an Endless Pool has long provided a safe, controlled environment for low-impact physical activity. People with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and other conditions are able to improve muscle tone and coordination, while reducing stiffness.

“As a company, we realize the opportunity we have to make a difference for those like Erin,” said Endless Pools Director of Service, Darren Pearse. “Our pools provide a dynamic exercise environment in particular for those with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.”

While many physical therapists offer the benefit of aquatic therapy in their facility, the flexibility of an Endless Pool allows installation at home as well.

For Erin and her family, the convenience has made a huge difference and she lights up when she has the opportunity to use the pool.

“Her favorite activity is to go on her belly and kick against the current,” said Kim. “It was astounding the first time she laughed out loud when she saw the current.”

Her mother is grateful for the ability to help Erin make progress daily at home through her water exercises.

“Together with ATI Foundation and the Mulliganeers, it made our dreams come true.”

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