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How to Swim Butterfly Stroke

Want to learn to swim like a dolphin? Of course you do! The butterfly stroke (commonly referred to as the ‘fly') is a unique swim stroke that demands attention to detail. Proper technique is crucial to achieving an effective, flowing butterfly.

How to Swim Breaststroke

This is a more advanced stroke and will take time and patience to master. Commonly referred to as the ‘frog stroke,’ breaststroke demands proper timing to achieve the best results. If you’re willing to make the commitment, we believe you can do it!

How to Swim Backstroke

Think of backstroke as the upside down freestyle. Backstroke may appear difficult at first glance because it’s the only one of the major swim strokes that features you moving through the water face up, rather than face down.

How to Swim Freestyle, Front Crawl

Let’s start from the beginning and keep it simple. Think of these as the parameters of freestyle swimming. Guidelines to help you achieve your personal ideal freestyle form.

How to Swim with Endless Pools

For swim instructors and coaches, the Endless Pool is the best-kept secret in swimming instruction. Learning how to swim in an Endless Pool is an ideal way to tackle fear of the water

The Week (and More) in Swimming

Props to Missy Franklin, Cullen Jones, Rowdy Gaines and the other Olympic swimmers who teach lower-income kids to swim through the USA Swimming Foundation. (US News & World Report) Last year, he completed an Olympic-distance triathlon while carrying a 100-pound tree. This year, Ross Edgely aims to set four world ...

The Week (and a Half) in Swimming

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this feature took last week off. Katie Ledecky broke two more NCAA records! (Baltimore Sun) Should a Special Olympics swimmer be disqualified for being “too fast”? (Belfast Live) Cold-water swimming gets its due in this profile of ICows, the Iowa City Open Water Swimmers (Gazette, ...

Case Study: Coach Carol Brings Her Swim Training Home

A UK swimming coach and soon-to-be-certified lifeguard, Carol decided that it was time to bring her swim training home. She turned to her nearest authorized Endless Pools® distributor. Some time after completing the project, our team visited Carol’s Lancashire home to check in on her and her conservatory installation. So, ...

PICTURES: 5 Knockout Endless Pools

The Endless Pools® swimming machine adapts to any aesthetic, and these recent photographs prove it! Our signature current lets you swim in place in your family room, garden, deck, barn ... just about anywhere. Take a look at how these five homeowners integrated their Endless Pools into their homes and ...

7 Mighty Man Caves for Men who Love Swimming

Man caves serve as sanctuaries, spaces dedicated to the tastes and passions of the men who inhabit them. And for men who love swimming, there's no better way to appoint your man cave than with an Endless Pools® swimming machine. The modular Endless Pool installs easily indoors. All components fit ...

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