Many Backyard Pool Ideas in One

Maximize Your Pool's Potential with the Fastlane® Pro Current System

What are the best backyard pool ideas? Enjoying your pool more. Dipping in for more family together time and water-park fun. Improving your fitness. Making the pool feel like it's vast as an ocean. You can do all that with the Endless Pools® Fastlane Pro current system.

By adding our signature adjustable current, the Fastlane Pro system can transform the ordinary backyard pool for swimming, training, fitness, and active fun. It makes a versatile investment for your family's wellness and recreation.

For new pools, the wall-mount Fastlane Pro system gives you the most polished finish. For existing pools, the deck-mount option can be hooked up quickly and efficiently for the same Fastlane versatility. Take a look at some of the amazing benefits you'll find with the Fastlane system in your backyard pool.

This freeform pool only needs a small section of the wall to be flat to hold the wall-mount Fastlane Pro system. Installed while the pool was being build, the Fastlane Pro unit expands this pool's possibilities for uninterrupted swimming, low-impact pool workouts, and lazy-river relaxation for the whole family.

Put the 'Swim' in Your Swimming Pool

We call the traditional backyard pool a "swimming pool," but is it really good for swimming? In the average backyard pool, you can do only a few strokes before you're interrupted by a wall and a flip-turn. The Fastlane Pro current can turn your backyard pool into a true swimming pool.

The Fastlane Pro current lets you swim in place, without interruption. Our current is spacious, smooth, and adjustable for almost any level. Choose from dozens of speeds for any stroke, from a relaxing freestyle to a challenging butterfly workout.

Turn up the pace on the Fastlane Pro system, and you can build endurance and get a vigorous cardio workout. With our Underwater Mirror, you can observe your stroke. It's a smart way for competitive swimmers to refine their form in real time. After swimming with our Underwater Mirror, swimmers report for a faster, more efficient swim technique.

"It is the best thing to simulate the open water swimming experience," says Rod of his Fastlane Pro system, and he should know: he's an experienced IRONMAN triathlete. "I’m able to just get in the stream and work on technique." When he's not having "that invaluable experience" of Fastlane triathlon training, his daughter loves swimming in the Fastlane current too! Read more about Rod's training.

For Peace of Mind

Kids love to play in the Fastlane current. And when kids get excited about swimming, they'll do it more, and they can become better. That's vital to their parents' peace of mind.

We spoke with Ryan, who told us, "I am a career EMS dad, and I see the danger of swimming yearly." He credits the Fastlane Pro system for ending his worries about his two kids in the water.

"Last year, we put a Fastlane in our new pool," he said. "Both my kids knew how to swim but lacked confidence. Now, my six-year-old can dive [video below], and my seven-year-old can swim like a guppy. This year, I can finally breathe a bit knowing my kids' confidence has grown considerably."

Your At-Home Lazy River

At its top speed, the Fastlane Pro current can create a lazy river. It's like bringing a water park to your own backyard! Kids are drawn to the Fastlane unit to feel the power up close, while many adults prefer kicking back in a floatie to gently drift off to the pool's far end.

The Fastlane current can turn any pool into a lazy river. And here at Lazy River Acres, this massive at-home family water park gets powered by three Fastlane units. Each unit can move up to 5,000 gallons of water a minute! That puts plenty of motion in Vera and Bud's custom backyard pool. See video of Lazy River Acres.

Fitness in the Fastlane

Swimming is total-body exercise. Like all aquatic workouts, swimming is low impact; the water takes the pressure off your spine and joints. That makes it suitable to all ages and almost all fitness levels.

The Fastlane Pro current adds resistance to any pool workout. Do water aerobics in front of the Fastlane current, and you'll get added resistance for greater core engagement.

When you build your pool with the Fastlane system in mind, you can get more creative. These pool builders devised a clever cubby to conceal the wall-mount Fastlane unit for the cleanest finish. The platform over the Fastlane unit serves as a stylish display for their outdoor heron sculptures.

The Endless Pools Hydrostride™ underwater treadmill is a powerful tool for aquatic fitness. It lets you walk, jog, or run in the water, with none of the impact on your ankles, knees, or lower back that you'd experience on dry land. Plus, water provides 360-degrees of resistance for a most vigorous challenge! Turn on the Fastlane current, and you have an even better core workout with your walk or run.

Watch this video to see how a pool with our Fastlane Pro and Hydrostride systems offers a fun, effective workout in the privacy of home.

The Fastlane Pro current system and Hydrostride underwater treadmill can transform almost any traditional pool into a home gym. The Fastlane Pro unit adapts easily to new or existing pools; the Hydrostride treadmill needs to be fitted into the pool wall, so it's best for new pool construction and major pool renovations.

If you have backyard pool ideas about more family fun, swimming, and fitness, then bring the Endless Pools Fastlane Pro system to your pool. You'll get the greatest versatility for all-ages playtime, uninterrupted swimming, and more opportunities for you and your family to stay active together.

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