What is the Best
Swim Spa for You?

Endless Pools® customers share why they love their swim spas

A quality swim spa can give you and your family convenient, on-demand access to active fun, hydromassage, low-impact workouts, and uninterrupted swimming. It's a smart, engaging way to bring more togetherness and increased fitness to your loved ones.

Endless Pools stands as a longtime industry leader. We launched our swim spa line with our signature current for all-level swimming and variable exercise resistance. We now offer three current options: Swimmers can still choose the smoothest current available, while other customers can opt for swim spas that emphasize fitness and recreation at more approachable prices.

Our customers love sharing their stories with us: stories of family fun, better fitness and healing journeys. With their permission we've curated some of our favorites below.*

"I wanted a place to float and relax," Talena recalls. "He didn’t want a hot tub. So, we compromised." To find the best swim spa for both their desires, they chose our X500 swim spa. Part of our SwimCross® Exercise System, the 15-foot X500 gives Talena "plenty of room to float. We can use it all year because we can heat it for a fraction of the costs our friends spend to heat their pools!"

"My wife and I are seniors and enjoy water exercise as a way of maintaining good health," William says. "We have limited space but wanted a pool that gives us relaxing features as well as exercise options." That's why they chose our 12-foot R200 swim spa, part of our RecSport Recreation System line. The swim spa, William finds, "fits the bill perfectly. Our grandkids love it too!"

Backyards aren't the only place you can put a swim spa. Dan's family put our best swim spa, the E2000 model, in the front yard of their Wisconsin home! His family of six, he tells us, "were looking for relaxation and home access for workouts." The E2000 offers separate temperature controls for the swim/activity section and the hot tub area. For Dan's family, "This is the perfect combination and really made our home an oasis."

Brad and Karen, retirees in Colorado, don't make decisions lightly. "For two decades, she's reviewed material from Endless Pools," Brad told us. "I always do extensive research looking for top quality at the lowest price. I presented her with many less expensive options, but in the end, her insistence, and the high quality of the Endless Pools, specifically the steel frame construction, won me over." Karen, he reports, uses their X500 swim spa "every day the temperature is above 50 degrees. She is often accompanied by Jasper, our two-year-old puppy. Together, they are remaining strong and healthy."

"There is something magical about swimming outside when snowflakes are falling," Jamie says. "We decided on a swim spa for the health benefits and the ability to swim all year round," and he chose the E550 swim spa, our model designed with no-seats and extra width for the most room to move. "We are very, very happy with our purchase of the Endless Pools E550 with the treadmill," he says. Our exclusive Underwater Treadmill is, according to Jamie, "awesome. The stand-up jets are very therapeutic and relaxing. This is the best purchase ever; it has changed my life. I absolutely love it."

Robert selected our E700 swim spa. It's the 17-foot model in our best swim spa series, Endless Pools Fitness Systems line; it features our signature current for uninterrupted swimming, plus our optional Underwater Treadmill. Robert tells us, "My wife and I have been in using all of the exercise features. It has improved our health and flexibility." That's important as they try to stay active and independent in their 70s and beyond. As they showed us when they shared this photo, their grandkids also love it! "Thank you, Endless Pools."

"We wanted a swim spa as a way to stay fit during the long New England winters," Ann said. She and her husband live in Western Massachusetts and chose our E500 swim spa, part of our Endless Pools Fitness Systems line. "Endless Pools offered us all we needed! We love it."

* Customers are remunerated for their photo permissions and candid testimonials.

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