Working to Promote Water Safety for All

Endless Pools® sponsors the NDPA to help save lives.

Aston, PA – Drowning is the number one cause of death for children aged one to four, and it's entirely preventable. The nonprofit National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) offers education and resources to help save lives. Now, aquatic innovator Endless Pools is supporting NDPA with a $5,000 sponsorship.

"We are honored to begin a new partnership with Endless Pools, one of the most respected brands in the pool and spa industry," states Adam Katchmarchi, NDPA's Executive Director. "Endless Pool's commitment to philanthropy and the lifesaving work of the NDPA is simply amazing. We look forward to working together to save lives and increase safety around water."

"At Endless Pools, we know the vital importance of water safety," stresses Darren Pearse, General Manager of Endless Pools. "Our pools are used for learn-to-swim classes and infant survival swimming lessons. Our technology has served as a rip-current simulator to teach ocean safety. With our NDPA sponsorship, we hope that we can serve as a model for other pool builders to get on board and support their life-saving mission."

The grab bar can help new swimmers feel secure in any Endless Pools Original Series model. Pools like this Dual Propulsion model are ideal for all-level swimming, starting with beginners who need to learn life-saving water safety skills.

Endless Pools models are ideal for swimming lessons for beginners and for adults afraid of the water. Our pools are compact, so the sides are in easy reach. Our Original Series pools have perimeter benches and no deep end, so a safe place to stand is available for all but the smallest children. And with an energy-efficient heater standard in every model, swimming students get a comfortable, no-shivering experience.

Endless Pools is a Silver Sponsor of NDPA's 2022 National Water Safety Conference & Drowning Prevention Symposium. Held in Fort Worth, Texas, April 11-14, the event offers hands-on training, workshops, and town-hall discussions to better prepare aquatics professionals to help curb drowning deaths in their communities.

The grant to NDPA is part of Endless Pools' Endless Access philanthropic initiative. Funded in part by Masco Corporation, Endless Access donated $77,500 in 2021, targeted to nonprofits helping our most vulnerable neighbors to access essentials like food, education, and housing.

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