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5 Optimal Options for Pool Workouts

Endless Pools lets you get regular aquatic exercise from home, with no commute, no locker rooms, and no waiting for a lane. These five options can make your pool workouts more effective, more varied, and more fun!

25 Years Later, Ed Buys their 2nd Endless Pool

Ed and Helen purchased one of the first 100 Endless Pools ever installed. For arthritis and back pain, they used it daily for 25 years! Now, as the company celebrates our 30th anniversary, they just installed their second Endless Pool. Ed calls it "absolutely wonderful" for the both of them. ...

Why Kim Pedals in the Pool

"Basically, I just got sick of fighting with people at the Y." That's why Kim says she installed an Original Endless Pool in her Kentucky backyard. She's been swimming at home, and now she pedals too! This summer, Kim discovered the Endless Pools Aqua Bike. "It's a lovely piece of equipment!"

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