Endless Pools News: WaterWell

Water Walker vs. the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill: a 5-Point Comparison

From triathletes to seniors recovering from surgery, people are discovering the wisdom of water walking and water running. Two products let you do just that, and in the privacy of your own home! How do they stack up for usefulness, speed, size, the look, and the price?

Pool Trend: Is a Plunge Pool Right for You?

Plunge pools are one of the most in-demand new pool trends. Discover why these smaller, shallower pools make a smart, potentially year-round alternative to the traditional in-ground swimming pool...

Donna's Arthritis Rx: Endless Pools Exercise & Ellen DeGeneres

Donna M. has a daily ritual: she exercises in her indoor Endless Pools WaterWell® while watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The show provides laughter and tears, and the aquatic exercise provides relief from the pain and disability of arthritis. According to her husband, "The pool has been a godsend."

Bedridden for 21 Years, She Found Relief in the Water

This spring, Lynn A. changed her life. For years, she’s suffered from a rare nervous system disorder. Since installing her Endless Pools WaterWell therapy pool, she's quickly improved her quality of life. Read why Lynn says that the WaterWell "has saved my life."

Endless Pools Launches the WaterWell

Ideal for aquatic exercise and therapy, our WaterWell Exercise & Therapy Pool provides chest-deep water in a freestanding package that fits just about anywhere. This completely self-contained pool plugs into a standard wall outlet, and provides warm, sparkling water ideal for water-based therapy and exercise. It’s an Endless Pool without ...

Her Ailment is a Mystery, but an Effective Therapy is Clear

Deborah was overweight, with limited mobility, and in pain. After installing an Endless Pools WaterWell in her basement, she’s back to her old weight, increasingly active, and feeling much better. “The pool has been the best thing,” she says.

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