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VIDEO: Teaching Ocean Safety in the Pool

VIDEO: Teaching Ocean Safety in the Pool

Beach season brings both fun in the sun and danger in the water. In one popular resort city, school children are being educated in swimming skills and drowning prevention with the Endless Pools Fastlane.

Why We Need Water Safety Month (and How to Observe It)

It’s a leisurely summer afternoon. A young girl plays in her backyard pool, while her family and their friends are distracted by music, conversation, and smells from the grill. The adults seem unaware that their inattentiveness could cause tragedy at any moment. Everyone assumes that someone else is paying attention ...

5 Tips to Diminish Your Swimming Fear by using a Controlled Environment

For many triathletes, “swim, bike, run” would sound much better as “bike and run as far away from the swim as humanly possible”. The evolution of becoming a triathlete often begins with an athlete as a runner who later turned cyclist (normally when injuries make cross-training sound like a good ...

What You Need to Know about Drowning Prevention

Karen Faust has been a certified Safe Start/Infant Swimming Resource instructor since 2007. She teaches Self-Rescue swimming to children ages 6 months to 6 years in the Orlando area. She teaches Water Safety to more than 1,000 students each year and has YMCA certifications for Learn-to-Swim instruction, Adult/Child CPR, First ...

It's Safety First for Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel!

It's Safety First for Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel!

Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel wears a safety-orange life vest to remind kids of the importance of water safety and swimming skills. Of course, being ridiculously cute on her waterskis helps attract crowds to listen and learn! You can see Twiggy in this video shot in the Elite Endless Pool.

The Increasing Diversity in American Swimming

Although swimming may have spent a time as a sport for the wealthy Caucasian male, today the faces of American swimming are much more diverse. USA Swimming’s mission statement declares a goal for inclusion and opportunities for people of diverse race, age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Still, ...

4 Health Risks of Over-Chlorinated Pools (and 7 Safety Tips)

Here’s the irony: chlorine keeps pool water safe from bacteria and algae, but too much chlorine creates other health hazards. “That ‘chlorine’ smell at the pool isn’t actually chlorine,” noted Chris Wiant, Chair of the Water Quality and Health Council, in a 2015 statement. “What you smell are chemicals that ...

Study: Young Swimmers Develop More Quickly Than Peers

Are swimmers smarter? That’s the question researchers, led by Professor Robyn Jorgensen from Griffith University, asked three years ago. This month, the group released the findings of their study, concluding that young swimmers develop a wide range of skills at a quicker rate than their land-locked peers. Over a three-year ...

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