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How Connie Stays Fit Enough to Give Back

How Connie Stays Fit Enough to Give Back

Carol is a retired veteran who volunteers with 5 veterans organizations - that's an impressive schedule for someone with multiple sclerosis. She stays flexible and mobile through regular therapy exercises, including aquatic therapy in the Endless Pools WaterWell therapy pool in her basement.

Joan's Therapy Pool is also her Date Night Pool

Joan's Therapy Pool is also her Date Night Pool

"I'm doing everything," Joan says with pride. "I'm using all the large muscle groups. I do a lot of weights with the arms. You're getting a real workout." That's an achievement for Joan since she suffers from multiple sclerosis. And her "real workouts" are possible because she dips into the ...

After Gayle Swims,

After Gayle Swims, "Nobody Would Know I Have MS"

"If I keep doing what I'm doing," Gayle says, "nobody would know I have MS." After 30 years with multiple sclerosis, Gayle stays flexible and active with year-round swimming in her indoor Endless Pools installation. As an added bonus, the rest of her family loves to swim, play, and rejuvenate in her pool too!

The Oregonian: 'Treadmill for swimmers' boosts health, well-being

When contractor Bill Meals was planning to build his family's dream home, incorporating a pool and a spa was more of a necessity than a luxury. His wife, Suzy--who has multiple sclerosis and is recovering from surgeries following a back injury--needs to swim regularly for her health. His mother and ...

Hydrotherapy Pools for Multiple Sclerosis

I first discovered that changes in temperature can affect the symptoms of MS when my doctor suggested I try taking a cold shower. I had woken up that morning with a sore throat and a slight fever. Being a doctor myself, I had no one to call for help over ...

Aquatic Exercise Routines for Multiple Sclerosis

Even Sally Knight's Endless Pool water exercise routine reflects the independent spirit of a woman who grew up in Maine. Having attended numerous clinics espousing any number of techniques for treating her multiple sclerosis - the chronic neuromuscular disease that attacks parts of the nervous system and is characterized by muscle ...