Endless Pools News: lap pool

Lap Pool + 61’ of Extra Space = Endless Pool

Paul L. replaced his “money pit” of a 75' lap pool with a compact Endless Pool in his Rhode Island pool house. It slashed maintenance and energy expenses and freed 80% of the floor space -- and he still swims four times a week!

Why Lionel Sanders Will Exit Kailua Bay Faster than Ever

Lionel Sanders is about to be put to the test. The 29-year-old professional triathlete sees himself as "a weak swimmer," but he just upped his game: he's been training in his own High Performance Endless Pool® for two months, ...

Sunday Gazette: Lap pools fit into compact space, offer health benefits of swimming

Contrary to conventional wisdom, sometimes going against the current can be good for you -- downright healthy, in fact. Just ask owners of lap pools. We've all seen those ads for them in the back of such publications as the New York Times Sunday Magazine or The New Yorker. Essentially, ...

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