Lap Pool + 61’ of Extra Space

How Paul saved space and money with an Endless Pools® Original Series Pool.

“A money pit” – that’s how Paul L. describes his old lap pool. At a whopping 12’x75’, it dominated the 85’ pool house on his Rhode Island home. To slash maintenance and energy expenses, free up about 80% of the floor space, and still swim four times a week, he recently replaced the lap pool with a 7’x14’ Endless Pools Performance model.

What would you do with the extra space from replacing this space-hogging lap pool…

…with this compact Endless Pools Performance model? Paul L. plans a “TV/exercise/recreation area” for the newly available 61 feet in his Rhode Island pool house. The Endless Pools model requires about a tenth of the water of his old lap pool, using drastically less energy to heat and maintain. Plus, it eliminates flip turns from his regular swims!

When he first contacted us, Paul complained that the existing lap pool used “a huge amount of energy. This makes it impractical, and combined with the complexity of the pool infrastructure (circulation, filtration, HVAC) there is way too much to manage.”

By comparison, the Endless Pools Original Series pool “buys me a 1000-sq.ft. room while preserving my swimming capability [and] reducing my operating costs and maintenance headache.” That particular headache required both his wife and a for-hire pool contractor. “Honestly, after managing a 30,000-gallon indoor pool, I think the Endless Pool will be a complete after-thought. Managing this pool in this space will be nothing.”

The space was clearly designed for the lap pool. “The HVAC system in this room could dry out Lake Superior,” Paul notes dryly. A securely covered Endless Pools model, on the other hand, typically requires a standard household dehumidifier or bathroom ventilator to successfully control humidity; that’ll deliver a significant savings to his energy bills!

As for the water volume, his new Performance pool holds just over 3,100 gallons. That’s about a tenth of the water requirement for his lap pool … and at most a tenth of the energy to keep the water comfortably warm. (Our Manual Pool Cover also traps in heat!)

A longtime cyclist, Paul calls himself “a recent avid swimmer. I did my Mile Swim badge as a Boy Scout 45 years ago, but until I bought the house with the pool, it was not part of my routine. I now like to do one mile at least four days a week.” Before making the transition, he scheduled an initial test-swim in an Endless Pools demonstration model; he found that the smooth, adjustable swim current “completely fulfilled my expectations.”

Paul now plans a “TV/exercise/recreation area” in the newly available 61’ of his pool house. He expects the renovation to be complete later this summer.

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