Endless Pools News: family fun

Swimming to Keep Cornwall’s Flying Paramedics Aloft

When the going gets tough, the tough go swimming! That's the spirit that motivated this swimathon to benefit the Cornwall Air Amubulance...

Blogger's 4 Kids Take the Endless Pool Challenge

"I have a swim family," declared Julie Corrigan on the popular lifestyle and travel blog, The Mom Reviews. We invited her and her 4 kids to experience the Endless Pool for themselves.

“140.6, Baby!” or How Rod S. Got in the Fastlane

“Until the Endless Pool, it had been two days a week,” Rod says, recalling the limited lane access that he and his tri club could get at their municipal rec center. Now that he has the Endless Pools Fastlane in his backyard pool, he finds that “It is the best thing to simulate the open water swimming experience."

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