Pools for Family Fun

With Endless Pools®, your whole family will have a great space for spending time together!

It’s easy these days to underestimate the importance of spending time with your family, or even getting a breath of fresh air. Giving yourself time to relax is absolutely essential to both physical and mental wellbeing, and a family pool can contribute to both!

Beth uses her California backyard's pool for triathlon training, and it's also brought her and her husband, Wesley, plenty of family fun! All they need to turn this pool into a place for the whole family is a pool noodle and some water-wings.

There’s no better way to relax and share some quality time with your loved ones than with a pool. Swimming, cooling off, even if you just end up sitting around it to get some sunshine – a pool presents so many different opportunities for fun.

A pool will encourage you to spend some time together as a family, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and whether you live with your family or not. A pool can be whatever you make of it, and that includes a lot of family fun.

Unlimited Potential

There’s a reason why the whole family can have fun in a swimming pool. Pools are full of potential!

For example, there are lots of exercises to be done in a pool, of course, but your kids don’t have to know that! A pool would be a great way for children to get all their energy out by swimming around or playing games.

Steve installed this Original Series pool in the garage of his North Carolina home himself. Both he and his wife, Angela, love to swim, and their daughters do, too! Now the whole family can swim whenever they want in their garage pool.

Meanwhile, the parents can sit and relax in the pool. It’s much more pleasant to keep an eye on your kids on a hot day if you’re in a temperature-controlled pool. And once the kids are asleep, you can have the pool all to yourself for an at-home date night!

Pools are truly fun for all ages, and so no matter who your family consists of or how many people, there’s something for everyone in a pool! Young kids will love to splash around, and even if your kids are a bit older, they’ll still appreciate a family pool to sit and relax.

Bringing You Together

A pool will bring your family closer together, in more ways than one! If your family has a common space to hang out in, you’re certain to spend more time together. If you already have a spacious backyard, that space will be much improved by a pool! Now you’ll be able to go outside even when it’s unbearably hot out!

If you don’t have a spacious backyard, you can customize an Endless Pools® Original Series pool to the space you have. Or you can get an indoor pool. Either way, you’ll have a spot for family time that fits your space with no less potential. And if you decide on an indoor pool, you can keep it open all year long for lots of family pool fun!

Reimagine family time! Families use our pools and swim spas for active play with their kids (or grandkids), backyard parties, and more!

Just having a pool encourages family bonding time. Say goodbye to sitting on your phone in separate rooms; when there’s a pool in the house, everyone will want to get involved! Kids love pools, but they’re also great for a night in for the adults of the family.

Just think— family game nights can now include Marco Polo and other classic pool activities. You’ll never have to have another boring night inside watching the same movie for the twentieth time, because there’s always something new to do in a pool!

Our Family Pools

The WaterWell® pool is a very popular family-friendly pool. A plunge pool without the signature Endless Pools current, this pool is incredibly versatile. Just dip in and enjoy the fun!

Lots of our other models are also great family fun swimming pools, particularly the Swim Spas. With separate areas designed for swimming and relaxation, our 20-foot dual-chamber models would be great for a couple with a few children. Parents can enjoy the hydromassage seats and supervise their kids while they swim against the current.

Rory has autism and Down syndrome. He uses his family's RecSport Recreation System for hours of calming, focused play. His mom, Karin, appreciates having a healthy outlet for his energy in our R-Series swim spa. It's also the perfect spot for dad to cross-train and for Rory's siblings to have fun!

The RecSport® Recreation Systems, our R-series of swim spas, were designed specifically for fun. Any swim spa will give you a great opportunity for family fun, though!

Whatever you decide is the right pool for you and your family, though, it’s all about looking forward to the fun you’ll have together in the future.

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