Backyard Leisure Pools

Maximize your backyard’s potential with a relaxing leisure pool!

One of the best ways to inspire added leisure in your backyard is with a pool. No matter the shape or size, a little water will transform your outdoor space into something that you’ll get far more use out of.

Not to mention the fact that Endless Pools® models are incredibly versatile, with many ways to use them.

Whether you have the Endless Pools current on or off, some time on a floatie can help you relax. This Performance pool has more than enough room to shut your eyes and de-stress. (Just don't forget the sunblock!) Installed partially in-ground for minimum excavation, it's a welcoming space to swim, relax, workout, and entertain.

Despite how fitness-oriented our pools may seem, they’re also just as useful for leisure and relaxation purposes. Every single one of our models brings a lot of fun to the table.

So, maybe you should consider a backyard leisure pool which bring the pleasure of uninterrupted swimming from the comfort of your own home.


Many people who choose to get a pool for their backyard do so simply to sit and relax! A backyard leisure pool can be a great way to de-stress, or even just to cool off after a long, hot day.

It’s added hang-out space not just for you and the people you live with, but for any guests that come to your home! And even if you’re swimming around or playing games, you can adjust your water for temperature and the signature Endless Pools current to keep yourself from working up a sweat!

This E2000 swim spa has room for the whole family, even if the kids have chosen to sit on the couches instead. Part of our Endless Pools Fitness Systems line, it offers warm water and hydromassage jets on one side -- perfect for a quiet night together. The other chamber has independent temperature control to swim in place and workout!

Say you don’t want the pool to become a magnet for your friends and family, and you just want to have it for your own relaxation. Well, that’s perfectly fine, too! No matter how hot the weather gets, a pool is a great place to sit and get lost in your thoughts, even if you’re by yourself.

If you want a great spot to relax, a backyard leisure pool is the way to do it.

Aesthetic Perks

Even if you don’t want to swim in your backyard leisure pool, it will still improve the overall look of your outdoor space. Everyone wants a house with a beautiful backyard, and achieving that is much more possible with a pool.

You’ll be more tempted to spend time outside if your backyard is pleasing to the eye. So, you should make your backyard into a beautiful space!

Designers Martin Kobus and Chris Bergin share their getaway home in wine country, where their Performance pool provides a focal point for outdoor entertainment, relaxation, and exercise.

In addition, spending time outdoors has a positive impact on both happiness and physical health. Using your backyard space more often will benefit you, and the best way to ensure that you do that is with a backyard leisure pool!

The pool will be a nice spot to sit in or around while you entertain guests, who may want to use it for exercise, even if you don’t!

No matter how often you use your backyard leisure pool, however, it’ll be an amazing aesthetic addition to your home.

Our Leisure Pools

A very popular backyard leisure pool is the WaterWell® Pool. Especially popular among families, this pool is very versatile. It can be used for fitness just as easily as fun. Just take the plunge!

There’s also an entire series of our swim spas that are devoted to leisure, the RecSport® Recreation Systems. Every swim spa has hydromassage jets that make it the ideal pool for relaxation, and the R-series swim spas have been specifically designed with family fun in mind.

Kids will have a blast in the RecSport Recreation System R500; this 15-foot swim spa was designed for active fun! It's also a smart way for adults to stay fit and relax in the hydromassage chairs.

Any pool can be used for leisure rather than exercise, even if you get exercise equipment such as our Underwater Treadmill or Aquabike for the pool. You can still use your pool for other things.

This is true for all of our Original Series pools as well, though they may be used for fitness more often than fun. Each one has the potential to be a backyard leisure pool.

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