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A Swimming Pool for Her, a

A Swimming Pool for Her, a "Swimspaw" for the Dogs

We call it an Original Endless Pool. Olympia calls it a "swimspaw" because she uses it for local dogs in need of low-impact therapy and recreation. What started as a passion project for her dog, Bear, became both a cottage industry and her own swimming therapy...

Swimming Therapy for the Dogs of Montana

Swimming Therapy for the Dogs of Montana

Montana Water Dogs – Varen Chapman's Original Endless Pool in a garage bay attached to her house – treats mostly "older dogs or dogs coming out of surgery." For these dogs, she says, "Water therapy can help so much. It works just as well with dogs as humans."

Video : Endless Pool Doggie Exercise Session at RBK Pet Resort & Spa

RBK Pet Resort & Spa provides pet water exercise and aquatic therapy in their temperature-controlled Endless Pool for rehabilitating canines. Watch below as 'Queen Annie' doggy paddles in the soothing, non-weight bearing environment of the Endless Pool, a company that offers swimming pools ideal for hydrotherapy for pets as well ...