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Two-Time Endless Pool Owner Says, "I Love You!"

In 1995, Dr. Ann bought her first Original Endless Pool®. Three years later, she bought her second. She sent us this unsolicited letter explaining why her loyalty and why she still loves her pool over 20 years later.

10 Reasons to Use an Endless Pool

"Swimming scientist" Dr. John Mullen trekked to the FINIS Stroke Lab to try out their Elite Endless Pools® swimming machine. So after testing our swim current, underwater mirrors, and more, did he like the pool? Let him count the ways...

Letter from the UK: a Total Immersion Coach Reviews the Endless Pool

At age 14, Mat Hudson “found my home in the water.” Today, he's a 42-year-old Total Immersion (TI) Master Coach. He trained in an Endless Pools® swimming machine and published the following review on his website.

The Baltimore Sun: Banish the Winter with an Indoor Pool

For most of us, pool season ends with the Labor Day holiday. But for a lucky few homeowners, swimming is a year-round activity in their own indoor pool. "Indoor pools are becoming more popular," says Bob Spero, co-owner of the Columbia-based Maryland Pools Inc. With your own indoor pool, there's ...

"Truly Astonishing": Endless Pools at the USMS Summer Nationals

For more than a decade, Endless Pools has been a proud national sponsor of U.S. Masters Swimming. At their 2016 Summer Nationals, Laura Hamel, a seven-time USMS All-American, took her first swim in an Endless Pool. Her review, reprinted below, appears in the November 2016 issue of SWIMMER Magazine. As ...

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