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10 Reasons to Use an Endless Pool

"Swimming scientist" Dr. John Mullen trekked to the FINIS Stroke Lab to try out their Elite Endless Pools® swimming machine. So after testing our swim current, underwater mirrors, and more, did he like the pool? Let him count the ways...

Letter from the UK: a Total Immersion Coach Reviews the Endless Pool

At age 14, Mat Hudson “found my home in the water.” Today, he's a 42-year-old Total Immersion (TI) Master Coach. He trained in an Endless Pools® swimming machine and published the following review on his website.

The Baltimore Sun: Banish the Winter with an Indoor Pool

For most of us, pool season ends with the Labor Day holiday. But for a lucky few homeowners, swimming is a year-round activity in their own indoor pool. "Indoor pools are becoming more popular," says Bob Spero, co-owner of the Columbia-based Maryland Pools Inc. With your own indoor pool, there's ...

"Truly Astonishing": Endless Pools at the USMS Summer Nationals

For more than a decade, Endless Pools has been a proud national sponsor of U.S. Masters Swimming. At their 2016 Summer Nationals, Laura Hamel, a seven-time USMS All-American, took her first swim in an Endless Pool. Her review, reprinted below, appears in the November 2016 issue of SWIMMER Magazine. As ...

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