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At 71, a First-Time Ironman Still Learning to Swim

"I didn't think it was possible," admits 71-year-old Peter Lowman about his attitude before completing the grueling 140.6-mile IRONMAN™ triathlon. "My swimming was pretty poor." Fortunately, he was able to train Original Endless Pool® in his garden.

Total Immersion Online Magazine: Triathlon's Endless Swim

I am not a swimmer. I should be, considering that my husband James invented the Endless Pool, and I've spent hours swimming in our basement. I swam for fitness back in college, and every summer I swam across the lake at our vacation house. But whatever the body of water, ...

Total Immersion Technique in The Endless Pool

Total Immersion creates endurance effortlessly by eliminating the energy wasted in making waves and creating turbulence.

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