8 Partially In-Ground Backyard Pools from Endless Pools®

In-ground pool or above-ground pool? Sometimes, the best solution is to split the difference. With Endless Pools, you can enjoy all the pleasures of a traditional backyard pool with a partially in-ground installation that offers some distinctive perks!

All Endless Pools Original Series models or Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spas are freestanding, so they can be installed partially in-ground with no modifications. A partially in-ground pool is easier to get in and out of, and it preserves your sight lines to show off your garden and view.

Nighttime is the right time for a warm-water dip in this Endless Pools Performance model! It makes an inviting centerpiece in a compact yard that's perfect for active fun and entertaining into the wee hours. The partially in-ground installation preserves sightlines for an airier, friendlier vibe.

Of course, you'll enjoy the signature benefits of any Endless Pools model – more free space in your backyard for gardening, seating, dining, and socializing. You'll use significantly less water, fewer chemicals, less energy to heat, and much less time to maintain your Endless Pools installation.

With our signature current, you can swim, workout, and play in your partially in-ground pool too. Our Original current adjusts for almost all levels, and more experienced swimmers and competitive athletes can choose from our current upgrade options.

At the center of this secluded backyard oasis, these homeowners installed an Endless Pools Original model, partially in-ground. The garden's lush ambiance comes from the dense greenery contrasting with the rich earth tones of the pool skirting and industrial sculpture.

Advantages of a Partially In-Ground Backyard Pool

The most functional benefit of a partially in-ground backyard pool is access. With the pool at about seat height, it's relatively easy to sit on the coping (the perimeter ledge) to move your legs over and into the water. For people with mobility limitations, a partially in-ground pool may be accessible even without assistance.

Compared to a fully in-ground pool, a partially in-ground pool installation requires less excavation; that means less cost and less time. The pool will also be raised enough to avoid ground-level debris from blowing in.

The ornate, earth-toned tile puts a smart twist on this Endless Pools installation. By installing it partially in-ground, they use fewer tiles, make it easier to get in and out of, and can best highlight their gorgeous stacked-stone and tile mosaic on the left.

And compared to an above-ground pool, your partially in-ground pool preserves your sight lines, giving your backyard a more open feel with unobstructed views.

Considerations for your Partially In-Ground Backyard Pool

The part of the cabinet that's above ground level should be insulated to retain heat. For our Original Series pools, the cabinet can be super-insulated, helping to control your energy costs. For our Endless Pools Fitness Systems line of swim spas, every model includes our three-layer Tri-Thermic® Barrier System of insulation as a standard feature.

There's always room for more in this Endless Pools Fitness System E2000. Our top-of-the-line swim spa provides 20 feet of space for swimming and fitness on the right. At dusk, it's the perfect time for hydromassage luxury in the spa section on the left.

Your backyard pool design should also include a pool cover or spa cover. Different covers have different space requirements, so ask your Product Specialist for suggestions on the best pool cover for your installation, users, and climate.

All backyard pools require a level concrete pad; for a partially in-ground pool, the concrete pad will be slightly below ground level. All Endless Pools models (except our Streamline® pool) can be installed partially in-ground.

You don't need a space-hogging pool to float your cares away. Installed partially in-ground, this backyard Endless Pools Performance model makes a convenient escape from daily pressures. He could turn the current on low for a gentle 'lazy river' effect.

For a partially in-ground look and feel without the cost of excavation, you can position your pool next to an existing deck, porch, or landing. Or build a new deck about halfway up the side of the pool.

Don't hold back when trying to envision your ideal partially in-ground pool. Your Endless Pools Product Specialist is experienced in cost-control measures and may be able to help bring your dreams within reach.

We're not sure if anyone works up a sweat playing putt-putt, but if you do, here's an Endless Pools Original model to help you cool off. With plenty of seating and a lovely view, this family fun center boasts a partially in-ground pool as its centerpiece.
Pool on the range! This Endless Pools Fitness System E700 brings family fun and aquatic fitness to this rural retreat. Our 17-foot swim spa features our Original current, which adjusts for workout resistance and almost all levels of swimmer.

When space-saving is the name of the game, Endless Pools is your #1 choice! By installing their Endless Pools Performance model partially in-ground, this family maximizes their narrow yard with space left for entertaining and a container garden.

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