Modular Pool Accessories

Customize your Endless™ Pool for fitness, swimming, and security.

Make your pool your own! Stay active with our exclusive Underwater Treadmill. Or plan for your family's security with a manual or automatic cover, or any of our stairs and grab bars for accessibility. Swimmers, consider our tools for swim training. We're ready to custom-tailor your pool for your needs and lifestyle!

Fitness Accessories

Underwater Treadmill

Our exclusive Underwater Treadmill turns running and walking into low-impact activities that are easy on your back and joints. It's a must for your fitness, health, and weight-loss goals, giving you total-body resistance with every step.

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Underwater Mirror

See yourself swim and refine your form using the optional 24” x 51” stainless steel mirror. Placed on the floor in front of your adjustable current, its gentle suction ensures that it stays in place. A must for serious swimmers, kids also love to swim with it, encouraging them toward more active playtime.


Spice up your next workout without strain on your muscles and joints! This stationary Aquabike is lightweight, yet stable. It’s ideal for low to medium-intensity workouts and can be positioned in front of the swim current for a more challenging ride.

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Rowing Kit

Add an excellent new workout option! Low-impact rowing can burn calories, develop cardio and aerobic fitness, and work arms, abs, and back. The tension is adjustable to suit most fitness levels. The Rowing Kit conveniently attaches and detaches and works on pools up to a maximum width of 8'.

Swim Tether Kit

Available for the Streamline pool, the Swim Tether provides added stability and assistance in maintaining body position in the current. For beginner swimmers and those looking for the next level of resistance, the swim tether is perfect for improving swim technique, endurance, and strength.

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Convenience Accessories

Pace Display

Easily read your swim or running pace with our digital Pace Display. Toggle from meters to yards or view the pace as a percentage of total output.

Need more flexibility? Check out the Endless Pools Fit@Home® app for interval training and custom workouts!

LED Bench Lights

Illuminate your Endless Pool experience with 8 multicolor underwater lights. Set the mood for moonlight swims, relaxing soaks, and entertaining under the stars. Available on Original or Performance model pools.

4-Tier Step

Our external 4-tier Steps feature two handrails and a back rail, allowing for multiple configurations when in use. Designed for easy assembly, these sturdy steps have a 400-lbs. Capacity.

Each tread is 12" x 36" treads. The height of the stairs is 32", or 66" including the handrails.

Endless Pools Fit@Home® App

This app allows you to control the Hydrodrive™ current and Underwater Treadmill using any iOS or Android device. Easily set the pace and duration, or step up to its advanced options for creating effective interval workouts! The optional WiFi Kit must be installed for app compatibility.

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Accessibility Options

Whether you use your pool for family fun or for hydrotherapy, you'll want to choose options to help you access it easily. We offer a variety of options including interior steps, rails, and grab bars. Ask your Endless Pools representative to help you plan a pool that delivers peace of mind, security, and maximum accessibility for you and all of your loved ones.

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Manual Security Cover

Designed for smooth, hand-crank operation, the Manual Security Cover traps in 95% of humidity, making it a great addition to any indoor pool installation. When properly installed, this pool cover is capable of supporting up to 275 lbs.

Automatic Security Cover

Just turn a key, and the Automatic Security Cover gives you all the protection of our Manual cover but with effortless operation. This cover can install below the pool deck for a clean finish. It delivers a secure barrier against unwanted access from kids, critters, and for backyard pools, leaves and debris.

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Customize your pool and watch it come to life with our 3D Pool Builder.

Bring Your Endless Pool to Life

Our products are available worldwide! Find the best resource for swim spas in your area.

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What Inspires You?

Taking the plunge on the pool of your dreams requires some thoughtful decision-making. That's why we give you powerful tools for making sure you choose the exact size and features that fit your family's needs and budget. Get your ideas flowing today.

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