Above-Ground Exercise Pools

You can have all the exercise you want in an easily installed, above-ground pool!

If you’ve never tried exercising in a pool before, you’ll absolutely love all the perks! With a pool, you can get limitless low-impact workouts that will benefit people of all ages.

You'll get a wide variety of customization options on an above-ground exercise pool from Endless Pools®. One of these features happens to be the fact that all our pools can be built entirely above-ground, partially in-ground, or level with the ground.

Whether you want your pool inside or outside, you won’t have to tear up the floor or excavate your yard just to put in a pool!

An above-ground pool can have all the same functions as one built into the ground. All our pools, no matter how you customize them, are great for both fitness and fun. And Endless Pools offers a range of options specifically designed for aquatic exercise.

Jessie Graff, a professional stuntwoman, uses her backyard, above-ground Performance Pool to exercise regularly. Paired with our Underwater Treadmill, the added resistance helps her make more progress with less risk of injury.

So, if you want to give yourself a space for aquatic workouts without having to excavate, consider an above-ground exercise pool!

Benefits of Above-Ground Pools

An above-ground exercise pool makes for the easiest installation. If you choose to get your pool built on top of, rather than under, the ground, you don’t need to do any excavating!

There are fewer steps to installing a pool above-ground than level with it. The pool itself has the same parts to assemble, but above-ground pools are both less expensive and can be built more quickly!

The less time your pool takes to be assembled, the faster you can use it for your exercise routine!

With an above-ground exercise pool, you'll be able to choose what you want for skirting. This customer selected cedar shakes for her Original Series swimming pool; they're an affordable, water-resistant, and attractive finishing option!

Whether you plan to install your pool yourself or not, think about what’s a better fit for the space where you want your pool. If you have the room for an above-ground pool, you should definitely consider it!

Benefits of Pool Exercise

No matter what kind of pool you’re exercising in, working out in water as opposed to on land has a host of benefits that may surprise you!

The resistance that water provides will give your body a more intense workout while you’re also supported on all sides by buoyancy. The ability to control your water’s temperature will also help make sure you don’t overheat or get too tired too quickly.

This family loves their E2000 Endless Pools Fitness System swim spa! With separate sections for relaxation and exercise, mom can run against the current on her Underwater Treadmill while the rest of the family enjoys the hydromassage jets in warmer water.

Swimming is total-body exercise, and with our signature current, you can swim without interruption in a pool that doesn’t take up too much space!

If you wanted to make your backyard or a room in your house into an exercise space, you can easily do that with an above-ground exercise pool.

You can even get exercise equipment for your pool to enhance your workout experience!

Our Pools

Any of our pools can be built fully above-ground, and all our pools are good for exercise!

Our Original Series pools in particular are geared towards fitness, and all come with our signature, adjustable current. This will give you even more resistance than the water in your above-ground exercise pool naturally provides.

If you want to exercise with a workout buddy, the Dual Propulsion pool is outfitted with two currents so that you can exercise side-by-side.

Leona uses her RecSport Recreation System R200 swim spa as her own personal "swim gym." Swimming against the jetted current is a perfect cardio workout, and she swims in the pool almost every day for exercise and stress-relief!

Along with the pools, there are plenty of other pool options that will take your above-ground exercise pool to the next level.

The Aquabike and Underwater Treadmill both put a twist on everyday exercise equipment. They’re modified to work seamlessly in an aquatic environment, using the water’s 360-degree resistance and the Endless Pools current to engage your core.

You can also add our rowing kit — the two bars come with adjustable tension to fit your fitness level. They also have an increased effect when paired with the current.

Like the Aquabike, they can be easily removed from the pool when you’re done with your workout routine for the day! That way you can use your above-ground exercise pool for much more than just exercise.

The most important thing to remember is that your pool is for you! Whether it’s above-ground or level with it, for fun or fitness, a pool is full of potential. Don’t hesitate to make the most of it!

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