5 In-Ground Backyard Pools from Endless Pools®

It's the look of luxury. A fully in-ground pool is the very image of carefree days and nights to remember.

Yes, above-ground pools are easiest to install, and partially in-ground pools easiest to access. Still, a fully in-ground pool can make a gorgeous centerpiece for any backyard. And with Endless Pools, you get amazing function to go with your picture-perfect form.

This sweet backyard pool oasis with its Mediterranean vibe can be found in Knoxville, Tennessee. The fully in-ground Endless Pools model helps create a luxe atmosphere, with unobstructed garden views.

Our freestanding Endless Pools Original Series models or Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spas can give you an in-ground backyard pool with a space-saving footprint. Our signature current lets you swim in place, add resistance to any exercise, and for kids, delivers everything they need for an afternoon of active fun!

With Endless Pools as your backyard pool resource, you'll also save water, use fewer chemicals, spend less on energy, and maintain crystal-clear water in just minutes a week!

Even if you have the space for a full-size traditional backyard pool, why use it? These homeowners opted for a compact Performance pool, with hedges and horizontal fencing for privacy. Beyond the barrier, there's a field of green to enjoy!

Advantages of a Fully In-Ground Backyard Pool

The chief perk of an in-ground backyard pool is the visual. Your in-ground pool leaves sight lines clear in every direction. It's the perfect pool installation type to surround with a lush garden and comfortable seating and dining areas.

The in-ground installation also acts as a form of insulation, helping to keep the water warm. Of course, you can still insulate the cabinet of your Original Series pool; all Endless Pools swim spas come standard with three layers of insulation within the cabinet.

The perfect pool for the homeowner who hates mowing! This mod ranch home features a bold patch of blue courtesy of the Endless Pools Original model. The paving stones continue the clean lines across this efficient backyard.

Considerations for your Fully In-Ground Backyard Pool

To make your pool accessible to all, regardless of any mobility limitations, you may want stairs and perhaps a spa rail to facilitate entry and exits. Endless Pools offers a range of access options to make your in-ground pool open for all!

For an in-ground installation, a pool cover or spa cover is a must. Fully in-ground pools are too accessible to windblown debris, critters, and children. Ask your Product Specialist about our cover options; all have been designed for security and ease of use.

A telescopic pool enclosure can give you the benefits of an indoor and an outdoor pool. The enclosure protects the pool from unwanted access and provides room to swim in 'off-season' weather. When it's sunny and warm, retract the cover for a most versatile in-ground pool!

Excavation is, of course, required, with a level concrete pad at the base. Note that all Endless Pools models can be installed fully in-ground, with the sole exception of our Streamline® pool.

Some customers install their Endless Pools models above-ground or partially in-ground, and then build up a deck to the top for a fully in-ground feel. You won't have the same look or open sight lines, but from your raised deck, you might not mind!

A fully raised deck gives this Endless Pools installation the picture-perfect feel of an in-ground pool with a minimum of excavating. As a bonus, the raised pool deck affords a better ocean view!

If a fully in-ground pool is your dream, plan your backyard renovation closely with your Endless Pools Product Specialist. Our experienced team members can help you navigate your pool journey all the way to your perfect backyard retreat!

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