The Swim Spa, Reimagined

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems

A beautifully sculpted spa can turn your home into a year-round oasis. Of course, every Endless Pools Fitness System is so much more than a spa. It lets you swim, exercise, play, and entertain; it's the perfect fun-and-fitness solution for family, friends, and solo retreats.

All models arrive pre-plumbed and ready to install on any sound, level surface: transform your patio, convert your garage into an aquatic escape, or dedicate new construction to your future wellbeing.

Just sink into our ergonomically designed hydromassage seats, and you're within easy reach of the push-button controls. As you melt your stress away, you can set the mood with the optional underwater lighting or 8-speaker sound system.

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems feature the smooth, fully adjustable Endless Pools swim current. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace. Add our Underwater Treadmill to turn your Endless Pools Fitness System into a complete home gym. If you're serious about swimming and fitness, these E-Series models deliver premium options.

Our SwimCross® Exercise System combines a new, jetted resistance current with smart features to deliver a complete fitness program for all ages.

SwimCross Exercise Systems introduce a jetted swim option with exceptional value. These X-Series models stand out from typical jetted options because the four swim jets are air-free and produce a no-turbulence current. With the current's five speeds, the whole family can meet their wellness goals with rowing, resistance exercise, swimming, and relaxing hydrotherapy.

RecSport® Recreation Systems (R-Series) offer aquatic fun and fitness at an affordable price. With three airless jets, comfortable seating for the whole family, 27 hydromassage jets, and generous recreation space, harmony between work and play is possible.

E2000 – 20' Endless Pools Fitness System

The E2000 swim spa gives you dual temperature controls – swim or exercise at a comfortable 82 degrees, then unwind against hydromassage jets at a luxurious 104!

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E700 – 17' Endless Pools Fitness System

A spacious step up from our E500 swim spa, this model perfectly suits families and swimmers who enjoy jetted hydromassage after a vigorous aquatic workout.

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E550 – 15' Endless Pools Fitness System

With no seats and a wider exercise area, the E550 gives you more room to swim and exercise. You'll always be ready for what's new and challenging in aquatic fitness.

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E500 – 15' Endless Pools Fitness System

Enjoy the signature Endless Pools swim current in a convenient, plug-and-play model. Swim, exercise, play, and relax all in one sleek, modern installation!

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X2000 – 20' SwimCross® Exercise System

Enjoy dual temperature controls in a jetted swim spa. Stay active in the fitness area, then heat up with an exhilarating hydromassage in the spa area!

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X500 – 15' SwimCross® Exercise System

Our new jetted swim current lets you exercise with gentle resistance, and then unwind in ergonomically sculpted hydromassage seats.

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X200 – 12' SwimCross® Exercise System

Our most compact swim spa, the X200 combines our new jetted swim current with the mental and physical health benefits of hydromassage.

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R500 – 15' RecSport® by Endless Pools

Stretch out and enjoy! There’s more room to play, workout, and unwind in this budget-friendly swim spa.

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R200 – 12' RecSport® by Endless Pools

Our most affordable jetted swim spa is family-friendly, with 3 hydromassage seats and room for 10!

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