The Backyard Pool, Redefined

How to Plan an Outdoor Site for Endless™ Pools

In addition to our Site Preparation guidelines, you’ll need to make some special considerations when planning your outdoor pool. These tips can help you plan the most efficient, stylish, and accessible backyard pool.

To Dig or Not to Dig?

Nothing brings luxury and style to a backyard quite like an in-ground pool. You can achieve that look and feel one of two ways. You can install your pool above-ground, then build a deck up to the pool’s coping (the top ledge).

You can also excavate. Many customers find their fully in-ground pools to be well worth the extra effort in the long run. Before you excavate, be sure to determine the height of the pool site’s water table.

A Place Out of the Sun

Do you want your pool in full sun? It has its advantages, including added warmth in cooler months for a longer pool season. In the hottest months, of course, you’ll need to consider your sun exposure.

In warmer climates, some Endless Pools customers have built a pergola over their pool for partial shade. Others have hung sailcloth for a large swath of shade at a low cost.

Before you settle on your pool site, consider which areas get sun or shade depending on the time of day and of the year.

One Yard, Many Options

Backyard pools give you that traditional pool feeling that you loved as a kid! They can be installed above-ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground. Patio pools offer the same fun and open-air vibe as backyard pools, with the convenience of a hardscaped surround.

Backyard Retreat

Enjoy the feeling of the old-school family pool, plus the bonus of Endless Pools technology.

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Patio Playtime

Choose a hardscaped pool site for easy maintenance and an attractive finish.

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Get Ready for Winter

Pool covers and swim spa covers will protect against heat loss, debris, and unwanted access. Our security covers are designed to withstand the elements. For cooler climates, ask about our insulated bi-fold cover.

You can extend your pool season with cabinet insulation. Our swim spas come standard with our Tri-thermic Barrier, three layers of insulation. Your Product Specialist can consult on the best insulation for your modular pool cabinet.

Every Endless Pools model comes standard with an electric water heater. Our optional gas heater can heat your pool water faster and lower your energy costs.

More Site Planning Questions?

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